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What would happen?

If life from another planet came to earth (Aliens) and told us that they created us. Not only that they told us how they created the earth and humans.

Would people still believe in God?

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    Hmmm. Maybe we should get Mulder and Scully in here for this one....

    No, I'm just kiddin'. I definitely see the possibility of life on other planets, and how, exactly, do we not know that God and his Angels aren't aliens? We don't. The Bible nowhere specifically states "God Who Was Not An Alien" or "God Who Was Homeless"...nor does it state that the entire universe didn't exist. Many galaxies have been formed from black holes and supernovas that could quite easily be considered a "void". Obviously if one is to believe that God created us and the earth we live in, then he could not have been of this earth, so technically we would have to at least call Him an extraterrestrial. Since we have no idea where God came from, we can't rule out this possibility.

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    How do you know that aliens aren't a ruse, say, an intentionally contrived deception from the 6-Dimensional Hyperphysical Universe, the "Realm of the Demonic Nature"?

    I heard on late night radio one time the account of a research defector (a non-Christian) from Area 51 who divulged that the alien phenomenon is a calculated strategic trick... a trick that will pose as an outside "threat" to the security of the whole world via an "alien invasion" to force the world nations to unify under a Planetary Dictator (the Antichrist), whom will be Satan impregnated... Satan being a Transdimensional being from the 6-D Hyperphysical Universe. The entire scheme is to orchestrate a planetary takeover and subsequently launch a systematic transterrestrial mass genocide program of the entire Human Race, for Satan hates Mankind, because we, and not him, were created in the Image of God. This is what is meant in the Holy Scriptures when God says that Man will be made more scarce than gold, e.g. the population of the Earth will be reduced to a handful of survivors scattered worldwide at the time of Christ's Return.

    The Christian strives to become what is called an "Overcomer in Christ"... ultimately these will be a small "Remnant" endowed with special Powers from God, and they will miraculously survive the Tribulation Period and become the Great Judges in the next Earth Age. Literally, they will be impregnated with the Presence of Christ, Himself, they being the "Temple" not made with stone while Christ is the "Cornerstone".

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    what happen if they are telling us that they are the Gods. will you worship all of them? how about if the aliens are very terror just like the character predator in Alien vs Predator movie? i do believe that aliens are lying to us. will you believe them if someone lying to you?

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    Sure......besides, who would believe the Aliens?

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    Good question,I often wondered this myself.I'm a nonbeliever,but couldn't aliens be manipulative liars?

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    They'd probably end up telling the aliens, "God made you guys also".

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    yes we certainly would still believe in God.the aliens would be lying about creating the earth and humans.

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    "if" is a stumbling block in the life to go forward.

    if you met with an accident while you go out today -if you think like this strongly, you will not feel like going out today.

    Have faith in God and go forward, rest He will do it for you that includes protection.

    God said " I will bless you and keep you"

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    then those aliens are god

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    Yeah... God would just fly around in a space ship and dissect cows.

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