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Old and Dirty Looking Skin (Mild Acne) [Pictures Included!!!]?

I got rid of most of my acne but now my face looks really old and dirty... if anyone knows what i mean.. The skin around my nose looks like i have mild wrinkles.. only in certain lights and my skin color varies... depends on the light i think i have alot of blemishes..

My current regimen ( i been using for 3 weeks)

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Facial Wash

St. Ives Apircot Facial Scrub Blemishes & Blackhead Control

AcneFree Repairing Lotion (Benzoyl Peroxide 3.7%)

Aloe Vera Moisturizer Cream

Medium Distance Shot

Close Up (this is nasty)

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    to be honest your description is way off!! your skin doesnt look bad - yes you have mild acne but most young guys are paranoid...your skin doesnt look old at all!! im sure in a year or so you will have clearer skin...

    i know acne is difficult but most people go through it in their are an attractive man and should have no problem with the ladies...if you make an issue of your skin then your confidence will be are attractive!

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    Mild Acne Pictures

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    And i don't see anything you pointed out! Just a few pimples.. You look normal. I think since your acne is gone you are looking for more things to be wrong.. Just relax, ex foliate and cleanse. Good Luck! =D

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    firstly, your skin does not appear "old and dirty looking"

    secondly, that is a sh!tload of chemicals to be using on your face

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