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does this sound ok in my paper?

In this report, we will begin by discussing...

if not, can you give me some tips...trying to improve my skills lol

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    you could cut to the chase ... "This report examines...

    In a report, it is usual to have introduction, perhaps a summary, body, conclusion. The introduction says in as few words as makes sense what the report is about. The body isn't really a discussion, it is laying out things for examination. The conclusion weighs up the things that were examined, to come up with one or more conclusions. The summary is put into big reports so people only need read the intro and summary to see in general what the body and conclusion will say, and leave it up to the reader if he wants to read the whole thing.

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    Leave it all out... teachers hate that stuff. Just say what is actually part of your report, and if you do end up leaving the intro try not to use "we". I know you probably want to add to your paper in any way possible, I've been there, but the intro isn't necessary and should never be included in a paper. Just begin discussing what is actually in the paper.

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    I prefer the use of I in place of We.

    I always start off with " In this paper, I argue .... I will begin with the discussion of ... then, I will show why ....

    then again, "we" should be ok too... post the whole intro...its hard to tell from just one sentence.

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    Mmm well difficult to tell with just 8 words! But the grammar and punctuation are ok:) Sounds alright for an opening paragraph to me.

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