Where in Canada?

Where in the whole of Canada...

1. is best to raise a family with good schools, nice social environment, crime rate is negligent...

2. where weather is bearable...

3. where good jobs are available and you can earn a decent living for a family with 5 kids...

4. where cost of living would give you a comfortable and decent way of life...

5. where good recreational facilities are available...

6. where health care lives up to its true meaning...

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    There are a hundred different answers.

    I will recommend Saskatchewan:

    1. This is a very community-oriented place. The people are very friendly, even in the bigger cities. Neighbours talk to one another. People get to know one another. Saskatchewan does have some crime but it is very safe. Schools are good, and we have two excellent universities that are not impossible to get into.

    2. Weather is great here in the summer. The temperatures are very warm (very often high 20s and 30s) but the humidity is low so even the hottest days are bearable. Nights are cool even in midsummer, which increases comfort. Winters are cold but again, the humidity tends to be dry so the temperatures are not as awful as you would imagine. Heavy snowfall is rare, and the snow that falls when it is cold is a lot easier to shovel than the snow that falls on warmer areas closer to freezing.

    3. Jobs are everywhere here. We have the highest employment rate outside of Alberta, but our cost of living is much lower.

    4. See 3 above. Real estate is going up in price but it is still much less expensive than it is in British Columbia, Alberta or southeastern Ontario. You can get a lot for $200,000. Also, even in the biggest cities you can't be more than 20 minutes or so from anywhere else in the same city; commuting distances are always reasonable.

    5. There are lots of recreational facilities here. We have tons of skating and curling rinks, plenty of tennis courts, fantastic bicycling pathways and some of the most amazing scenery in the northern part of the province, just a few hours away.

    6. Health care everywhere in Canada is imperfect :) but our system is quite good. Because the province is booming, the health care budget is expanding and service is improving. Even with its faults I find it to be mroe than reasonable.

    It's worth a visit. Many people think they'd hate Saskatchewan, and then they come here and are very, pleasantly surprised.

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    There are great areas all across Canada but major cities are terribly expensive. I suggest you check out the Moncton, New Brunswick area. You are a short drive to some of the best beaches in Canada, violent crime is low, some great schools, recreational facilities and housing is affordable. A couple of local hospitals rated highest in Canada for mortality rates. Check out mls.ca, click on new brunswick, then Moncton and surrounding area for real estate prices. Best wishes to you and yours and happy holidays

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    the martime provinces like Halifax ns, st. john newbrunswick, charlatown pei. The weather accually isnt that cold and like its really pretty and th crime isnt that bad and really the schools arent that bad accuallty there pretty great. Also the housing prices r super reasnable. Youd LOVE it, really!

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    Ottawa, Ontario

    Nestled on the banks of the majestic Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau Rivers, Ottawa is one of the most beautiful G8 capitals in the world. A thriving international technology and business centre and world class tourism and convention destination, Ottawa is also rich in culture and heritage with its many national institutions, parklands, waterways and historic architecture. It is home to a large number of foreign embassies and is a recognized centre for both academics and professional training. The city offers an open and welcoming environment to cultures from around the world, providing service in English, French, and a host of other languages. The city’s residents enjoy an enviable quality of life that is recognized around the world.

    A population of over 1.2 million makes the Ottawa region the fourth-largest urban area in Canada

    Ottawa is home to such high tech giants as Nortel Networks, Alcatel, Cognos, Tundra, Cisco, MDS Nordion and Entrust

    Our technology companies are complemented by Dell, MBNA Canada, ING Direct, Clarica and MD Management

    Ottawa is also the home of government organizations such as the Government of Canada, Parliament, the Senate, and the Supreme Court of Canada

    More than 1,800 advanced technology companies employ more than 76,000 people

    With the highest-educated workforce in Canada, Ottawa has more engineers, scientists and PhDs per capita than any other city in the country

    $3.7 billion CDN in venture capital was invested in Ottawa technology companies from 2000 to 2005

    With 90 per cent of Canada’s industrial telecommunications research and development conducted here, Ottawa is one of the world's top five sites for R&D

    Canada's Capital region welcomes over 7.3 million visitors per year, who spend over $1.18 billion

    According to Statistics Canada, families in Ottawa had the highest median incomes of any Canadian city in 2001

    Mercer Human Resources International recently placed Ottawa 18th in a survey of 200 cities worldwide for best quality of life. Another study by Mercer found that Ottawa is the least expensive major city in which to live in North America.Languages spoken include English (50%), French (32%) and a host of other languages including significant capabilities in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic

    Job opportunities

    Ottawa has a range of job opportunities at all levels and in a variety of industries. There are a number of resources to assist in your search:

    Human Resources Development Canada offers a number of helpful links for job seekers The University of Ottawa has collected a number of job search sites, which you can choose by category Workinfonet.ca helps you connect to resources in the areas of jobs, work and recruiting; learning, education and training; occupations and careers; labour market information and outlook; self-employment; workplace issues and supports; and financial help and issues Inventory of Employment Programs and Services (IPS) -- a comprehensive database of local, provincial and federal employment programs and services that can lead to employment iWIN Ottawa provides links to information about training, employment, and career planning in Ottawa

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    Courtenay, BC

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