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I recently got my 02'E320 fixed(I needed new spark plug wires and a "major" tune up) b/c my CEL was on last Wednesday(12-5-07).It cost me roughly $800 but I was satisfied after my car was running better than when I bought it 6 months ago and very smooth like a benz is supposed to drive.Well I was out to eat and got a lil drunk so I let my girlfriend drive home and I noticed the CEL was on again when coming to a stop.I dont know how long it had been on when I seen it but I was only in the car approx 30 mins when I noticed and she said it just came on but I mentioned it first.My car is driving the same w/no apparent problems as there was before(I had a bad idle and acceleration at start up and take-off) but the CEL came back on.I have yet to have any codes read on it since it happened tonight but I will tommorow.Anybody have a clue whats wrong or how I can reset my comp and get rid of that CEL.I noticed the ESP button was on(prolly hit it when rolling down the window)when the CEL came on

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    in my experience as i have checked hundreds of engines it sounds like all you need to do is reset the light. alot of times people what me to chech their engine and i tell them what they need. they come back a week later and say the light is on again but the car is fine. i check the light and its the same codes as before. they just needed to reset it. some cars need to be taken to a dealership to get reset others can be reset by driving a certain speed for certain amount of time. or a local autopart store like autozone can simply remove the codes. but before you do that make sure your OBD II harness is not directly connected to your ECU or removing the codes will delete your computer and your car will not run. most Vdubs are like that.

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    Doubt you needed spark plug wires, since your car has coil over spark plugs....perhaps you meant a wiring harness? None the less, the CEL in these cars is notorious for coming on for minor issues. Did you happen to fill the car up with the engine running? (common thing this time of year) Best bet is to take it to an independent MB shop and have them check the computer. You may want to call around and ask shops if they have the Launch diagnostic computer by BluePoint. It's one of the best compters out there that isn't a dealer item, but checks many "dealer only" codes. I bought one for my fleet of MB's since the nearest dealer is 2 hrs away. I really got sick of driving down there only to be charged $100 to reset a light and spend $30 on fuel. My W210 chassis car was the worst for this issue.

    So, that said, find a shop and have them print out the fault code(s) they find and keep them in a log book. MB's of this vintage have many issues with computers, wiring harness & such. Many owners are about ready to take MB to court over these issues. I for one am sick of having to spend countless $$$ on my W210 for things that should not fail after only a few years. i.e. wiring harness, computer, window regulators, etc.

    BTW, a five year old car with average miles will rarely need the coil harness replaced. Your spark plugs were designed to go for 100k miles. A tune up for your car is basically the replacement of spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, clean throttle body and check engine timing (done by computer now!)

    If your car had over 100k on it and they had to replace your coil harness, then you did rather well at spending only $800.

    Hope your car lasts a good long time.... my '84 300D just passed 750k miles.

    Source(s): MB owner for 20 years.
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    There can be as many reasons for it to go on as there are things that could be wrong. Be patient as it sounds that when you bought there were problems. Hopefully , the mechanics can work out all the bugs and you have a good car.

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    when you receive a check engine light it has something to due with your emmissions, usualy one of the three O2 sensors if replacing it your self first take it to a auto-zone and have the check your computor [ its free] this let you know where your problem is and they can order the same bosch

    part for a lot less then mercedes and if its a 02 sensor its very easy to replace...

    good luck

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    Did you buy gas that night? A loose gas cap will throw the light on.

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    If it's got an injun light, it must be a Hyundi...

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