Do i fit into a specific religion? Am i Pagan?

I do not have the same beliefs as any of the main religions and although i do not feel i have to adhere to the rules of a religion it would be nice to find a religion with similar beliefs to mine. Most friends are very christian and dont understand.

I belive in one higher being (Though not necessarily called god). I believe in Karma and that everything happens for a reason. I do not pray however i do sometimes feel myself asking out loud. I believe there may be spirits however, i am not sure what they are - i just get that 'feeling' sometimes. I do not follow readings and horoscopes religiously but do sometimes look at them for some kind of guidance.I don't however believe in witchcraft as such.

I suppose i know i am spiritual, and perhaps my beliefs do not fit a specific religion.However i would like to think there are others who believe the same and perhaps i may learn something. Not something which i must follow,but perhaps a different way of looking at things.Can anyone help?


I think i need to be pigeon holed i would just liem to see if i do fit a religion, it would be nice to talk to others with a similar faith.

I also forgot to mention that i believe birth and death is a cycle. Once you die you are reborn into any living creature. Although some do not and instead watch the living.

Update 2:

That was meant to be i don't think i need to be pigeon holed!!!!

Update 3:

I have looked into the wicca tradition and i do agree with alot of the beliefs however i do not believe in alot of the spells and witchcraft associated with that particular aspect of pagan. Perhaps however it is an avenue to talk to others with similar (but not exact beliefs) and that's all i want.

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    I'm a naturalistic pantheist which means that "I believe in God/dess but spell it N-A-T-U-R-E." In other words, I am nontheistic. Knowing of the interdependence of nature (food cycle, etc.) as well as the interdependence of actions (ancestors' past actions affect my current circumstances and my actions will affect the circumstances of my descendents) fills me with a sense of gratefulness which I demonstrate both through my actions as well as concrete actions of respect and honor.

  • Hy I could totally relate... I was christened but never went to church. I went to church but didnt talk in tongues. I sought a belief through trying to understand self. I am not pigeon holed as such I call myself spiritualist, but not wiccan, pagan, or christian. Although all the above in some ways. I have been a seeker of knowledge from history and hidden understandings like freemasons, mason, Hinduism, Buddism, Gnotic. So instead of trying to catagorise yourself happily go with your own flow. Those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind, as they say. It doesnt matter what others perceive you as, if you are happy being who you are. I just think there is too much emphasis on being grouped ie a cult (means hidden) maybe a religon that has gone thru the acceptance of the masses are not neccessarily your souly unique beings voice you are hearing, feeling. I do kinda believe we are all one, displaying many facets of an ominpresence, to learn from. As without a belief we can become apathetic. Those who care do feel...

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    have a look into Spiritualism

    what you describe sounds very like it

    although you may find similar beliefs in some Pagan religions also such as Wicca


    reincarnation is something that some Spiritualists believe , although not all

    I personally feel similar to you

    in that some of us may choose to come back for more life lessons , while others may wish to continue in spirit

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    Nothing wrong with just being spiritual and not affiliating with a religion. Don't let yourself be pigeonholed into a religion you don't fully believe in because people think you should be a clear-cut Protestant or Catholic or Hindu or Muslim or whatever.

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    Religion is something where people worship some one or something. It is NOT Christianity. If you are not a Christian, but worship a pagan god, then you are religious. Try not to confuse the two.

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    you could be a pagan as we only have one law

    "Do what thou wilt and harm non"

    in other words do what ever you want as long as it dosent harm any one .

    IF you can agree with that than you may be a pagan

    I hope that you find a path that is right for you

    Im a witch and am happy being one

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    Well, you could be agnostic. But If I were you, I would check into the Wiccan beliefs.

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    agnostic - a believer in "something" but definition of the higher power is unclear

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    religion of love

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