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Why rappers say "shawty" in alot of their songs?

Tons of rap songs say shawty in them and I don't get it so will someone please tell me what it means?

Also, please do not answer this question saying "why are you asking this?" or "this is not a necessary question" because yes it is necessary because its been bugging me and I don't know what it means!

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    Rappers don't have a very large vocabulary and their punctuality isn't that crash hot either, so they make up or mispronounce words and then repeat them in every song thinking it's cool.

    R= Retards

    A= Attempting

    P= Poetry

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    Shawty/Shorty refers to a female soo.

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    Shorty it's a slang term for girl, hottie, female, lady :)


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    rappers use the word shawty referring to their woman or the person they want to be with. stop listening to all the noise and focus on lyrics.

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  • shawty means shorty

    most girls are shorter than men

    they also call kids shawty...because kids are short.

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    shawty = err girl

    probably ti or bow wow

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  • Anonymous
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    Shorty it means woman.

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    Its Shorty. and Its a slang term for a girl, hottie, or female.

    Source(s): You can check with me on any other translations. I spoke fluent ebonics. :D
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    they are referring to a person when they say it

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