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i am new user to Linux and i forget my Boot_Loader password?

i am new user to Linux and i forget my Boot_Loader password. Can some body help me. I am using "Lilo" type boat loader but i don't know what is Lilo.

My computer's installation is done by other person who also forget this password. He give me a password written on paper but i also lost it.

Please provide me help i don't want to re-install it again.

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    What Linux distro are you using?

    Linux reset forgotten root password

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    You boot loader password? I have been using Linux for a number of years and never used a boot loader password (in either grub or lilo) although that is a possibility. Now if it is a lilo password, I would think reinstalling Lilo MIGHT do the trick, but it MIGHT NOT. If it is NOT the boot loader, but rather the user password that you forgot (and the root password) then it is another issue all together. has info on all of the above. Seek and ye shall find, ask and it is going to take a while!

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    cant remember password

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