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Which is the worst of theists to you?

A.The one that goes around praying for your soul, sincerely believing you have gone the wrong path.

B. The one that threatens you with a 'serve you right' by saying: if you dont believe in god you'll go to hell blah blah.the day will come and you'll repent..etc.. Muahaha.

C. The one that insists that you do believe in god but just prefer to be in denial,somehow.

D. The one that goes around threatening you with a bomb for you are an INFIDEL.

E. The one that has 'god will lead the way' or with allah and amen in every single sentence.(Trust me. I've known people like that)

F. The one that SUPPOSEDLY doesn't care(to me,it's called respect) and doesn't try to shove religion down your throat.

G.The one that uses reverse psychology and go like: I'm atheist, but christians are always so happy happy happy people like what i see on barney and friends. Oh, I wanna be a christian so bad, so why do you atheists always..etc..(Hello? We're not stupid)



Not really. Just a survey. To see which is the worst. I dont see how its linked.

Update 2:

I swear i tried to accept religion as it is. But the fact it keeps ruining my life.I dont see why i should care anymore. Besides, i wasn't aiming at christians. I'm talking about all religions here. Just that christians are more vocal about it so there'll be more to argue against.

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    D is the worst, but only because they are willing to kill me, and I'm not ok with that. Otherwise it would be B. I really hate it when people try to push their religion on me. It's a pet peeve of mine.

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    The worst is A..... I don't mind if someone wants to pray for me daily, I could probably use it, but don't sincerely believe I've taken the wrong path and condemn me to HELL, only GOD can do that!!!!

    The next is G...... why..... because Christians aren't always so happy happy happy, and I'm going to also say that anyone that tells an atheist that is not a true christian. It is only for us as Christians to inform everyone about God, it is not for us as Christians to condemn anyone, or ridicule anyone because they don't believe. The few people I have encountered that don't believe in god, I've only tried to explain my belief in god, and to tell them why I believe in God, and I always tell them, even if you don't want to believe in my god, you should try and find something that you can believe in and have faith in, other than a material object, because even if you don't believe in My God, you have to believe and Know that every material object on this earth no matter how expensive, how small, or large can be taken away from this earth, so you have to believe in something...........Good luck on your quest. Merry Christmas (Jesus is the reason for this Season)!

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    C. The one that insists that you do believe in god but just prefer to be in denial,somehow.

    D. The one that goes around threatening you with a bomb for you are an INFIDEL.

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    i say the worst one is the one when they try to tell you that their religion is the right one and that all others are wrong, i think they should mind their own business!!!! and get on with their own lives. it shouldn't matter so much to them what others are doing or not doing or what they are believing in!

    because to me it doesn't matter what religion you are. i technically don't have a specific religion, i have an idea though of how i want to live my life and that yes there is some sort of god or creator.

    but well to each his own!

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    It all boils down to the same mindset : "We're better because our imaginary friend is on our side and if you don't like that, then you're hellbound anyway."

    Blow me up with a bomb strapped to your chest, or pray for my soul because you've damned me already. It's all the same. They all lack understanding and embrace an ingnorance that would rather turn a blind eye than an inquizitive gaze.

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    C. The one that insists that you do believe in god but just prefer to be in denial,somehow.

    People who do this really make me want to reach through the screen and beat them over the heads with their own keyboards.

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    Only fools judge people by faith, as humans we only pass judgment on people that hurt us (physically or mentally) . That really has nothing to do with faith, but you may believe that it does.

    Beliefs are ignorant, if you don't know the truth. People distrusting their beliefs are suffering of blind faith.

    Why does it hurt? Why should it hurt? Do you have any understanding what it means to be at peace?

    (Hello? You're not stupid!)

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    C. makes me want to scream in frustration.

    D. because the ever increasing tensions between the Abrahamic religions are also threatening me, mine and the world in general.

    B. very annoying but also amusing at times.

    There ya go :)

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    A, B and D. I can't decide between the 3. At least D gets blown up by they're own bomb.

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    I would have to say E! I have also known people like that. The Amens get on your nerves so bad you just want to punch them to shut them up! Amen!

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