I think I may be pregnant, I can hardly afford myself, not to mention myself, What am I going to do?

I'm 2 weeks late, but to afaid to even take the test. If it's possitive I don't know what I'm going to do. HELP!

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    Oh hun, sticking your head in the sand and hoping it's going to go away is not the answer. You have to take a test to make sure. Sometimes stress can delay your period. It's happened to me a lot in the past - stress about being pregnant and later stress about not being pregnant always made my period late.

    If it is positive, then take a deep breath and decide on your options. You don't have to get an abortion if you don't want to. There's always adoption, there are a lot of ppl out there who are yearning for a child and they will take very good care of your baby. If you can't bare giving it up, then there's other avenues. Sue the father for child support or ask your family for help while you finish school (if you haven't already) and get a good job.

    It's not the end of the world. This happens to a lot of girls and they get through it. The days when having a baby meant it's the end of your life is over. You have options now.

    Good luck hun.

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    Don't be afraid. There are things that are worse than pregnancy, and also keep in mind there are OPTIONS besides having to care for a child you're not ready for. The best thing you can do is take a test so you can begin working on making a choice. Where is the guy who did this and how does he feel?

    You can give the baby up or you can have an abortion. This all depends of course on YOU. Don't let anyone dictate your decision. This is YOUR body and this is YOUR life. It would be real easy for someone to tell you to keep the baby, but is that person going to pay your bills and for this child??? Probably not. It sounds to me like you are totally unprepared for this, so do yourself a favor and take a test. If it comes back negative you really should be more careful if you're having sex.

    BTW,,I'm not an advocate of abortion, but I have spoken to quite a few people and I know some of them feel that they wouldn't want to carry a child for 9 months and give it away. Yes abortion is murder but it's also legal and it's also an option whether people want to believe it or not. I'm just stating a fact. I also mentioned it because it doesn't sound like you are too fixated on keeping the child, so I just threw two of your options out there.

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    Look in your local phone book and find the number for the Health Department and/or Planned Parenthood. They will give you a test for free and if it comes out positive, then they will start assisting you right away with a counselor, doctors and the appointments, a job if you need one and later on diapers, clothes and anything baby needs.

    Don't be afraid to test or to ask for help in these places! That's what they are there for!

    Even if you didn't plan this, you can still give the baby the best chances from the start if you are indeed pregnant!

    Good luck and best wishes!

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    do u have u'standing parents (not sure of your age).

    you ahve to make a decision whetyer to keep it or not .but if u bort it what would u feel if that was your only chance .

    Satrt saving get a job even if is pushing trolleys .Your age would help .

    but a baby in your stomach is such a lovely experience .

    do what you th ink is correct .

    put the baby 1st (fetus) b4 any1 .an

    do not know if you r on drugs but get off the **** .

    do not buy luxuary just save .

    Where basic clothes and stilllook good dont dye your hairout (it saves $$$$$)

    1st of all have a pregnancy test then figure what to do

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    Take the test, the earlier, the better! But Hun, you havent mentioned the man responsible that's if you are pregnant? Whatever the case dont have an abortion, you can have the baby and give it up for adorption.

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    I am acquainted with a woman who was in a similar situation you are in. She chose to have the baby and a Catholic social service agency (I think--it's been quite a while) aided her with finding a good family to raise the child. Many couples would really like to help you out, especially ones who strongly want children, for whatever reason, but are unable to conceive. That child's life is potentially precious, but, ultimately, your choice is between you, your doctor, your conscience and whatever knowledge you bring to your situation.

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    You need to take the test to know for sure. Periods come late sometimes, that's just how it is.

    If you are, you have a whole bunch of options.

    I would consider going to planned parenthood if you feel confused and overwhelmed, they have counseling.

    **Abortion is not murder. You cannot kill something that is not alive and breathing on it's own. It is a parasitic of you.

    To everyone telling you abortion is wrong , blah, blah, blah.

    F*&^ them, would they help you or your baby? Support you?

    Hell no they wouldn't!!

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    The only way you're going to know is either to take the pregnancy test or go to the Doc to confirm. If you're going to continue to have cold feet and let it drag on, it'll finally be too late for an abortion if you really need to opt for that option. Pls be responsible for your own actions. Do what is necessary. It is your life and your body, no one can advise you correctly how you should go about doing it.

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    Just take a test and find out for sure if you are pregnant. Then talk to someone about it all (parents,boyfriend,counselor). They will help you talk it out and decide if you can keep the baby or give it up for adoption.

    Good luck...

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    First, you need to take a test and find out if you even are, then you need to see a doctor so that your baby has proper care.

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