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Sunni Muslims please help me?

we have a group of 5 boys and in thet one boy is shia so we dont like to make friendship with him but he always comes with us, so as you all know many peopel hates shia, so do my parents and others.

so now we want this shia guy to be away from us, what can we do to this?

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    i have the same problem too, i hate shia pepople, they are everytime following the sunnis.

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    Aaah that's not so nice is it. I know many shiiah muslims and i certanly don't hate them.Instead of looking at the differences and the negatiev side why not look at how much you all got in comon.For starters your both muslims! And even if he wasnt't who cares! He still a human being and i think he deserves the same respect as everyone else. So don't just try to ditch him just because of his personal beleifs. If he's a decent guy and a good mates then that should be fine by you. And purpleeeez do you ALWAYS lisen to your parents? I'm not saying you shoudn't (no ofcrse not)..but i think because a few people are saying things your getting all caught up init. Oh well..i feel sorry for the guy.......anyways all the best.

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    Don't do that brother. Advice him to abandon the religion of mourning and embrace the religion of Truth. Spend time with him, maybe Allah Ta'ala opens his heart and he becomes Muslim. It's a good sign that Shia wants to hang out with Sunnis, most of Shia don't do that. Just make sure he doesn't do Da'wa to you.

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    I'm a Muslim following Sunni teachings. My only advice, be a true Muslim and stop hating anybody that never harm you but instead tries to befriend you be it Sunni, Shia or even non-Muslims.

    And I don't know many people hate Shia. Some people in my country (the Muslims are 100% following Sunni teachings) even praise Ahmedinejad, a Shia.

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    You should show everyone kindness. What is the point of your religion, if you do not act on it.

    You did not say he was disrespectful to you, so why be so to him. You say you are Sunni and what does that have to do with you showing a fellow human being the fundamental respect that they deserve? Be kind to others this could lead you to a good place, and you never know, by your very example and kindness,(insha Allah) you could plant a seed in someones heart who may one day become Sunni by your setting the best example. And then again, he may not. He still deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of if he is or not. He is a human being with feelings, would you treat anyone else that way?Muslim or not?

    Think of how you would feel if someone treated you that way?

    I hope you understand what I am saying and consider it.

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    what is ur point???

    Christian missionaries are working day and night against muslims and catholic and protestants are united in that cause!!!

    if they can be united.why not us????

    they do not believe in each others books!!!well protestants dont blieve in 7 book in the bible

    well at least shia and sunnis have the same book Quran!!

    (no chapters added or deleted)

    we should unite against them rather fighting with ourselves

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    As you are a Muslim, where is the love in your heart and where is your respect to other beings? Why are Sunnis and Shiites go to Hajj at the same time and the same place in Mekkah? they use the same grounds to perform Hajj and they use the same grounds to say their prayers. No Muslim should hate an other Muslim or any one in fact. Our religion is based on love and kindness. Show your family all the answers and it might be that they change their and your mind.............

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    my brother,i am Sunni,and i don't like your question,because :-

    1-it is discrimination

    2-many people hate shia,"who are those people"

    3-your parents,and i am sure that they don't understand the difference

    shia are Muslims,they are different from the Sunni,but it doesn't mean that there not Muslims,and they have groups like AL zaydia,most likely like Sunni,and alazhar in Egypt confess of the exist of those group.

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    He might be shia, but nonetheless, he's still Muslim and still your brother in Islam, so befriend him regardless of what others think of him or what might come out of it.

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    Are you the better Judge than Allah ? If no, then Why do you hate shias? They are also Muslims. Allah will judge, they was right or wrong in the world .

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    You do not need to hate shia. We have major differences with christians yet we do not require to hate christians. You can just disassociate yourself from his religious rituals and belief

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