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How much does a pet Reticulated Python cost?

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    i bought a reticulated python yesterday for $160

    its about 2yrs old and is 7ft!

    they eat 1-2 jumbo rats at this size a week, the cheapest rat's ive seen so far are about $6-7 EACH

    so this is about $28 a mounth minimum, FOR NOW

    they grow to this size VERY fast, so be ready for it, and once they get past 10ft, your looking at full grown rabbits!

    a rabbit can be anywhere friom $5-15 EACH, and thats 1-2 a week.

    so if you do the math, even at a small size, the snake will cost alot.

    i keep mine in a $15 walmart storage tub, that ive modiffyed to keep him happy, but soon enough i will have to custom build him a place.......

    if you buy one made out of plexyglass, your looking at $100-500-5,000 for them, depending on the size, and how elabrite they can be!!

    so as you can see they will be expensive.

    if you dont have much experince with snakes, i recomend a columbian red tail boa.

    they are very tame snakes, only grow to 8-10ft max, and are much much easyer to keep in the long run.

    becase these snakes can live 20yrs!

    so be ready!

    hope this helped

    Source(s): different websites hours and hours and hours of resurch. own many reptiles
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    i would not get only if your a pro with snakes because they are the longest snake in the world i saw this one video on you-tube a while ago with 49 foot reticulated python and that would need a huge cage and the one on the video eats 5-6 dogs per month so if your not used to snakes start with a ball python because the reticulated python gets really big

    they cost couple of thousand dollars but for get the cost of it because it will cost a lot to feed also

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    5 years ago

    Look for the list of vendors who will be at the show, and find out what they charge (most have websites with price list) I always go with at least that amount, although a 10% discount is about normal. Looking at the vendors before hand also gives me an edge on other buyers who are not as prepared. While they are browsing, trying to find what they want, I make a beeline to the vendors I know have what I want! Sometimes I get lucky and get 25 to 30% off! If there are quite a few retics, and you are not worried about them saling out, wait until the end of the show and do some bargaining. Lots of breeders will come down on prices rather than transport them home again. Also the younger the snake, the less they cost, so babies are really cheap, and unsexed are also cheaper, if you don't have a preference. Sounds like you probably knew that, though........

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    Buy Reticulated Python

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    About 100$

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    Lots... Not to start out... But over the 40 years it will live... your looking at thousands of dollars... they are big snakes with big stomaches and that need big cages....

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