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Can you help me explain how to track my period &/or ovulation?

First off- I can't believe I don't know how to do this already!

Can someone help me track my period? I am not positive on how to do it. My last period was around 11/3-10th.. I kinda started this month on 12/6.. but my period was very un-normal. I spotted on the 6th.(I NEVER-EVER SPOT) then bleed more the next was still dark in color. It stopped for almost 2 days.. (I had a very light pink color when I wiped..) I had red spotting for maybe an hour.. not enough to even use a tampon.. it stopped- then happened almost EXACTLY 24 hrs. later.. lasted about an hour.. then stopped.. had some pink when I wiped for the rest of the day.. and now nothing at all. So basically I only blead for about a day.My period usually lasts all week.. and is usually heavy. I also normally have awfull cramps.. but not this time.. barley any. I am trying to figure out my cycle.. but not sure how. Can you help me?

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    Try using

    Its a good site for tracking your period and determining when you are ovulating. Even if you aren't trying for a baby it really helps you figure out more stuff then you would even think of about your body and cycle.

    Good luck!

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    I have PCOS and used to be TTC for years. I last determined to head see my Doc. She positioned me on metformin a thousand MG an afternoon. She desired me to take it for 6months. I took it for a million a million/two months and discovered i used to be preg. I advocate you cross see your Doc. If you do have PCOS, your Doc will determine it out and get you at the correct meds to aid you conceive.

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    the sixth would be considered the first day of your period- and this is the site I used with my last child to chart while ttc. GL I hope it helps

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