HIiii i was born on 7th dec 1983 at 22:10 hrs, bangalore, India.?

can u predict my future, yogas present in my horo n my career.... if possible everything plus n minus

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  • 1 decade ago
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    your a Sagittarius so if you haven't already you will have many loyal Friends and admirers you enjoy fun maybe a little to much try to work more and you will have a stunning career ahead of you

  • Jamal
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    1 decade ago

    Hi!lagna is Cancer(Kataka))--Moon in Sagi(Dhanu)your Astama sani just ended on 15-7-07---you have two Panchammahapurush yogas in the 4th house Tula rasi--Venus in own house =Malavya Yoga and Saturn Ucha-=Sassa Yoga--lord of 9th Jupiter aspects own house shows you can settle in USA/Canada---in fact Rahu mahadasa is going on upto 20-3-2024----as Jupiter is combust(too close to Sun) please wear Yellow Sapphire gem in gold ring 3 carats---and watch that liver of yours!!!cheers

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