Is monogamy sexist againt men?

Monogamy is widely practiced, but just below the surface there is a majority of desperate married men who dream, hunger, and even cheat in silence; essentially living a lie. Maybe women should just loosen the bounds a bit? Cut us some slack?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Women can cheat too, if you're in a monogamous relationship, no, you don't get any slack, she doesn't neither should you. If you don't want monogamy I think you need to find someone who wants an open relationship.

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    At some times, as after a war, when there is a surplus of women as compared to men, it makes some sense to relax the monogamy rules, paricularly for seniors. It appears that senior women are most heavily affected by shortage of men.

    In countries where polygammy is (permitted but discouraged) men are not in general happier as the number of single men far exceeds available women. Many will have to accept an older woman, widowed, just to have any woman.

    Now that Islamic courts are recognizing that under the law of the Koran women have the same right to decide to divorce as men have, the tables are turning. Any man, including polygamists, has to do a lot better for his woman if he hopes to avoid being on that list of men without women.

    So, polygammy or monogamy appears to have the same remedy for mistreatment or dissatisfaction, a simple right to divorce.

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    First, I decided that your question was not worthy of an answer due to the tone. But, I realized that it is possible that you could be sincere. So, on that note.....I will proceed.

    It's my belief that monogamy is the safest concept to protect our country, our families and our children. etc.

    Now, on a more interpersonal level. It's my understanding that when you develop an amazing and fulfilling relationship with your wife and invest the time and energy to get to know her on a very deep level then you will find that the intimacy and excitement in the bedroom will be far beyond your expectations. An incredible leader once said that a desire to stray is always a symptom of neglecting of the process of building bonds and time spent listening and understanding your partner. I don't often give advice but----don't be a wimp----stand strong and work on what you have----I didn't say it would always be easy but in time you might just find it wildly pleasurable.

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    Where are you getting this information that there is "a majority of desperate married men" who are unhappy with monogamy? Cite your statements with some reputable sources if you want your thoughts to be taken seriously. Otherwise, it seems you're simply trying to justify your own feelings by claiming (without evidence) everyone feels this way and therefore you should be able to get away with it.

    No self-respecting woman will cut you some slack on this point.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wouldn't it flip your wig if you were to find out that men who want to cheat or do cheat are in the minority?

    Whether your a woman or a man, cheating is just plain selfishness, and an irreversible act. It is a form of murder: the cheater is killing a relationship. When a relationship with someone you love is lost, it is like experiencing a death. Cheaters intentionally cause this. It has nothing to do with going after the bigger, better deal. Its all about hurting someone who loves you.

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    Monogamy is a two way street.

    It has the same effect on Women as Men.

    It doesn't work unless both follow the rules.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's not monogamy that's the problem, it's your wife being stingy with the sex. Before cheating just explain to her what you need from the relationship, and that if you can't get it from her, she will be forcing you to get it elsewhere.

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    You fool. Who do guys cheat with? Other women. Women cheat just as much as men do. Open your eyes. Women don't want to be 100% faithful.

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    Wouldn't you know it is a guy that says this!!!! We do give you free rein it is called divorce! In today's society there is this little thing called aids and no one has the right to give a death sentence to their spouse just because he couldn't keep it in his pants! How do you think it spreads?

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    Yeah, spread AIDS around! Who's the Daddy? Where did he go? Am I the Daddy? Sounds great to me. You mean it's mine! Lot of child support going out, think?

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