The Christmas math game- can you answer all these questions?

1)I had 900 candy canes I ate 700 of them how many canes do I have left?what flavor do you think I had.

2)I got 999,000 gifts I opened 837,000 of them, how many do I have unopened?

3) Tina Turner burned 7,000 Christmas trees she had 19,000 of them all together, how many trees does she have now?tell me what color trees do you think she had

4)Ellen DeGeneres has 999,999,999,99,1 kaziillon dollars she spent 700 dollars how much does she have left?

5)Oprah beat me up 88 times she knocked me out 76 times how many times did Oprah knock me out? just having fun

6)Oprah has 8,000 Christmas cards, she gave out 3,000 of them, how much did she have left?

7)Chris Tucker has 999 gift cards he gave away 777 of them and he bought 500 more and burned 333 how many does he have left?

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    1) 200 candy canes

    2)162 of them

    3) 12,000

    4) 999,999,999,99,1 kazillon dollars

    5) 76 times

    6) 5000 cards

    7) 500 cards

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    Da cane. The hottest flavor of candy canes is strawberry, and not mint like most people thing, so the answer is 200 plus strawberry.

    Da gifts. 162,000 opened plus whatever was unopened last time you got that many gifts plus any others that you might get and so on. giggle.

    Da trees. Tina Turner is Buddhist, so metaphorically she might not have burned trees, christmas or otherwise, but they had to be without life for that burning to occur. So, there are 12000 trees to go to the landfill.

    Da loot. Ellen makes money on a daily basis, so if she has that amount even in a low-interest bearing saving account, she has more than the $700 less than she spent, daily, gathering interest. So the answer whatever is in real time, in her checking account, kazillion or other wise.

    Da boxing. Again with the metaphors. Oprah beats me up every time she demeans herself, but she is human. If she knocked you out 76 times, then those were not beat ups. She still has as many as she can punch with those soft hands. A knock out imply one swift punch and you are down, no beating required.

    Minus the people she knocked out or beat up, she probably has a staffer send out the cards so she never really has any cards, so zero. They come in, and they go right out.

    Chris Tucker probably pays cash for everything that gift cards he could normally buy for; why would he waste his time on a gift card. It's not personal, even if only 389 are left after he gets done with the burning of the plastic and affecting global warming which he wouldn't do, so he probably has about 1500 if he hasn't gifted them.

    Thanks, I need a little brain hit this morning.

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    i'll get back 2 answering other christmas questions

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    im just gonn get back to my christmas shopping


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