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How should we, as Africans prevent China re-colonising Africa?

any innovative ideas welcome.

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    what about africom? at this point i would be more concerned with us militarization than with chinese involvement.

    as for solutions/action, this is always tough...but protest and resistance are the most patriotic acts a person can make and thats always a good starting point.

    Source(s): currently enrolled in an african political theory course
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    Take head of the lessons of Scotland -

    At the time the Scots out numbered the English and had the home turf advantage

    But without unity amongst the clans the English walked through with relative ease

    Come up with a unifying idea that all or most will support and then show them a step by step plan for it

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    Africa is too weak to prevent anything. The Chinese are a cohesive single group 1 billion strong, Africa is a bunch of small weak groups constantly fighting amongst themselves. The only hope for Africans to bring themselves up to the modern world is for them to accept their neighbors and work together for the common good. All the strong nations of the world are strong because their people work together well.

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    I guess they have better things to do back home ..

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