Does anyone believe that the Muslim Religion is really peaceful?

Just today alone almost every news headline was something dealing with a violent act that a Muslim or a group of Muslims have done. Yet they try to pass themselves off as peaceful. I have never heard a single Muslim speak against the behavior of the terrorist groups, I have never heard of a group of Muslims give money towards the group of people that were affected by the Muslims that bombed or harmed the other muslims. They are just so violent. Example in todays news: Father murders daugher because she would not wear her head scarf. Is anyone so blind that they actually believe that this is a good religion? There was a Muslim guy that was trying to convert me and he never gave me a decent answer as to why anyone would want to join a religion?I was amazed when he kept telling me that this was a religious

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    1 decade ago
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    I have had Muslim men telling me how great Islam is yet they admit to not following its rules

    I have looked into it and agree it actually teaches hate and murder those who claim it is peace full are mostly women who have not studied it I am afraid.

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    1 decade ago

    The news feeds you the information that those in power want you to receive. When is the last time you saw a story on Darfur, the actual scope of the chaos in Iraq today, or how the interest rate cuts are hurting the American dollar and killing our economy?

    Are you even aware that Iran has stopped accepting US dollars, and Russia is soon to follow suit? Do you know what it means when two of the world's biggest oil producers stop accepting the US dollar in trade? How far behind is Venezuela from only accepting Euros or some other currency? It's bad news, and if things keep going the way they are many OPEC nations will join them. This means a lot for our economy and the value of our dollar against other currencies. We are facing a huge inflation crisis, but you seem to be distracted by the "Muslim problem". You would have been pretty comfortable in WW2 Germany I bet.

    The news agencies fall in line with the government, who want you to have an enemy. They have decided this enemy should be Muslim, but it might as well be anyone, since their goal is complete control of our lives.

    Also, most terrorist attacks happen in Muslim countries and the casualties are Muslims. Who do you think takes care of these people? The state?'s Muslim organizations. Say what you want about the theology, most Muslims are extremely willing to help others in times of crisis, and history has shown this time and again.

    Source(s): Former Muslim
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    A lot of Islam has been changed by governments putting their own spin on things, twisting the basic tenets of the religion to suit their own purposes, then passing strict laws forcing the people to follow their version of things. Most of this happened 3 and 4 generations back, so that it why there aren't many left who live there that know true Islam. Now that the governments are changing, and are trying to bring true Islam back to these countries, there are different militant groups forming and performing acts of terrorism and violence because they have been brainwashed their entire lives and think the warped way is the right way, so to speak, and now their entire spiritual lives have just been completely turned upside down. That doesn't make it right, but that is a lot of the psychological reasoning behind it, and the leaders of these groups know it. That's why it is so easy for these groups to get under the young people's skin and get them to commit so easily to murder and suicide.

    These aren't acts spurned from any true religion, they are born of evil government leaders who pervert God to get what they want--control and power.

    Also, I might add, Muslims are not the only people with this problem. It is present in pretty much any structured religion out there, just in a much more subtle manipulative form.

    Source(s): Documentary on PBS
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    Well, not really, though I've known some nice Muslims.

    And saying that all religions are violent is just plain wrong. While real or alleged followers or all religions do bad things, sometimes even in the name of their faith, it seems there's something inherent in Islam that causes Muslims to not be able to co-exist peacefully with nonbelievers in any society where they cannot dominate them.

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    1 decade ago

    Looks like you're confused. Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam comes from the words salam which means peace. But it's not just because the name.

    In a war, muslim soldiers are not allowed to kill women, old men, sick people and children. They are also not allowed to destroy plants, kill animals and destroy buildings which represent a religion such as churches and temples. Muslims must choose peace over war if they can.

    You believe that muslims are all violent because of the media. When 9/11 tragedy happened everyone on earth is informed about it and without any solid proofs muslims were blamed. Then the government started to arrest some random muslims and declared war on terrorism!

    But no one tells you about what is actually happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine for example. Where everyday innocent muslim citizens were killed. Then when they fight back they are marked as terrorists. They are just trying to defend themselves. War on terrorism? Please. Anyone that terrorizes is a terrorist. The USA is clearly terrorizng the Middle East (only fools don't realize this). Just because the US soldiers are Christians they are not seen as terrorists.

    Maybe some Muslims are bad. But you can't judge all of em based on a few.

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    the advice feeds you the help that those in potential elect you to obtain. at a similar time as is the suitable time you suggested a tale on Darfur, the particularly scope of the chaos in Iraq on the instantaneous, or how the activity fee cuts are hurting the yank greenback and killing our economic gadget? Are you even unsleeping that Iran has stopped accepting US money, and Russia is straight away to maintain on with healthful? do you comprehend what it skill at a similar time as 2 of the international's best oil manufacturers grant up accepting the US greenback in commerce? How a strategies on the lower back of is Venezuela from in basic terms accepting Euros or yet another distant places places money? it extremely is undesirable advice, and if subject concerns save going the way they are many OPEC international places will connect them. this means plenty for our economic gadget and the fee of our greenback against diverse currencies. we are dealing with a large inflation disaster, yet you look distracted by ability of the "Muslim undertaking". you've been particularly gentle in WW2 Germany I wager. the advice companies fall consistent with the government, who elect you to have an enemy. they have desperate this enemy would desire to be Muslim, regardless of the easy certainty that it would desire to besides be anybody, thinking their purpose is complete administration of our lives. additionally, maximum terrorist assaults take place in Muslim international places and the casualties are Muslims. Who do you think of of seems after those human beings? The state? extremely is Muslim companies. Say what you opt for with regard to the theology, maximum Muslims are extremely arranged to help others in situations of disaster, and historic previous has shown this persistently.

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    I believe that all the religion are based on peacefulness between all people. But some people become the fanatics of their religion and that's terrible, cause they do brutal things by the name of god. Yes, i agree on your opinion but i think also that there are true believers within Muslims. Not all the Muslims are violent.

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    They are very peaceful and Just go and see what will happen to Christians in the Muslim countries and see exactly how peaceful they are. Why in Western countries Muslims can see how peaceful we are but in there countries it is different. It is a religion of no rights and do as you are told

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    You cant judge some religion by how the media potrays it.

    check out the holy scripture of islam the Quran to know the truth. Dont be silly by listening to gossip. Every one knows how biased the media is...

    Then why are maximum of peaople in the west coming towards islam. These people search for the truth and come to islam. Not at gun point.

    tell me why did the reporter yevonne ridley, the great peacher estes ...and many more come to islam.

    "There is no cumpulsion in religion" the Quran says.

    No one is spreading Islam at gun point.

    Think about read the quran then, post accusations.

    If you see a battered up mercedese benz, will you blame the car or the driver.

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    Islam is peaceful. Their followers are violent. So their religion is one of hypocracy. I feel sorry for them. I'm sure their children will abandon its practices. I mean they will go to school and learn to live with the rest of the world.

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