My four-year-old is obsessed!!!?

Okay, I want to start out by saying I'm an avid reader. It's one of my favorite things to do. And I'm GLAD my kids both seem to like reading so far (they're six and four).

But my four year old has a true obsession. He is forever talking about letters, what words start with, pointing out each individual letter in paragraphs (can take FOREVER), asking me to write upper and lower case letters, drawing them in the air, talking about the sounds they make, and I could go on and on.

I'm THANKFUL for that.

But he's driving me insane. LOL

Double question:

1. How do you deal with it when your child is doing something you KNOW is good, but it is still just as annoying as it can be, just because of HOW into it they are?


2. In what ways can I encourage him in his love of letters, words and reading, without putting myself in the position of just wanting to pluck each hair out one by one? LOL

Keep in mind, Christmas is around the corner, so gift ideas, maybe?


Ugh... we have a magna-doodle. He carries it everywhere.

And he's gone through about four of those notebooks, plus several workbooks you can buy at the bookstore.

Update 2:

Braidz: Yeah, his teacher has actually said on a number of occasions that he's the smartest in the class, which is funny, because while we never felt he was NOT smart, we certainly assumed that his personality would be what would get him through life, as opposed to grades. He's a total goofball sweetie.

But he amazes me. We went to a gas station the other night, and he just looked up at the sign and spelled out "F-O-O-D F-A-S-T". I had to help him with "food" (the double "o") but he just sounded out and got "fast" quick as anything.

It's crazy.

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    Get him a set of those plastic letters with magnets built in and clear off the refrigerator door. See if you can find an old-fashioned typewriter. Scholastic sells books with audio tapes so he can read along. Make it fun and keep it light. You don't want to kill his interest by turning learning into a chore. And enjoy-sharing books with a child is a great thing.

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    It's all a phase. he's starting to realise that words are actually made of soomething. he wants to flaunt to everyone that he thinks he knows what he's talking about. he seems intelligent. Make sure you send her to a good school too. When i was little, I was able to recognise logos on tv and in magazines. My day care teachers said i'd be good at reading and spelling and i got A's in my report card. I think your four year old is like that.

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    My daughter has a dry erase marker book. Inside is letters and words.

    they also sell handwriting books so kids can trace letters and numbers.

    another good thing is this little v tech computer it has tons of games with letters numbers ect.

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