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Is there a vegan form of bullfighting?

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    Sure attach carrots to the horns and watch a vegan try to take it off.

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    Of course, the running of the Bulls isn't a bullfight, and I believe they run them to the ... uh ... bullring, where some of them go almost directly into the bullfights. (I'm not too sure about the timing on that, though...never been to Pamplona.

    Vegan? Like in you won't drink milk or eat cheese or eggs? Bullfighting? If your reason for not eating eggs is that the chickens are mistreated, I would assume you should object to bullfighting at any level, because they are raised especially to fight, therefore, they probably aren't treated much better.

    Can't really see it.

    I'm also not convinced that countries besides Spain don't HURT the bulls. I'm pretty sure that once that poor animal has been dragged around any bullring, he's better off dead and being used to feed the poor.

    I'm not all that into bullfighting, but I've been, just for the experience. It can be pretty icky (In Spain, of course), and I can see why a sensitive person would have a hard time with it.

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    In the city that I live in (Denia in Alicante), they have what is called "bous a la mar" (translated "toros" or bulls "a la mar" or to the sea.)

    Mostly cows are used, but there is at least one bull at each sitting. This is done during the town festival at the beginning of July. Instead of hurting or killing the cows and bulls, people run around a ring and try to get them to jump into the water. A couple of times this is begun with a running of the bulls to the ring beforehand. A half circle bullfighting ring is set up right on the water so people can watch. It's fun to see when the bulls go running along the edge by the water making everyone jump in to escape them. People also try to provoke them and jump into the water so that the bulls will jump in after them. When this happens, the bulls are led to swim out of the water and then led either back into the ring or back into the truck to go back to their farms.

    The only bad thing is that many times the same cows are used so many times that they either jump directly into the water to be done with it- or they know exactly what to do the whole time making the spectacle boring.

    This is the only type of "bullfighting" spectacle that I can handle. I do get upset when there are idiots that throw things at the animals or try to kick sand in their faces. This doesn't happen often, but since anyone can participate, you never know who will get into the ring.

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    There are forms of bullfighting in Portugal (forcados) and France (corrida vasco-landesa) where the bull is not killed and doesn't suffer physical pain. And the Running of the bulls.

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    Veganism is a lifestyle that seeks to avoid contributing to animal cruelty, so NO.

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