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Does PENIS Size Matter?

Well does it, lol. :)

And tell the truth!

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    No way. I don't even plan on seeing my man's penis until after we are married. There are so many qualities that are important; superficial things don't matter very much in comparison.

    (P.S. Even when you're talking purely about sexuality, many experts will tell you that sex has mostly to do with psychological factors, not physical ones.)

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    penis size matters more mentally than physically.

    95% of the nerve cells in a vagina are within the first 2 inches. so it is more important to stretch out the sides than to touch bottom. also if the woman knows her keigels she will have an orgasm no matter what size you are.

    penis size matters more mentally if it makes the guy feel more confident. women are drawn to confident guys. so get confident with what you have because its not getting any bigger and she will be happy

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    If it's too big it hurts, If too small it doesn't satisfy. But in the end it's technique that is most important. Know how to use it.

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    It is not about the size... it is how you use it!!!

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    No, it doesn't.

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    i dont know

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