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Am I doomed to just say the wrong things constantly?

I can't seem to say the right things at the right time ever. And when I try to say the right thing, it comes out completely wrong.


- After sex with my girlfriend last week I tried to tell her how good it felt and suggest that she must do kegel exercises to keep it like that. How it came out was more along the lines of you need to start doing these exercises because you are loose.

- My girlfriend is kind of insecure about her eyes because she is European but thinks her eyes are narrow and makes her look Chinese. I tried to tell her that her eyes were beautiful and perfect but it came out so wrong she covered my mouth and told me to stop talking for a little.

- My girlfriend is taking her college finals for the first time but instead of being supportive and there for her when she breaks down from the pressure, I bring up stuff from our past that has been bothering me and just add to her pressure.

What the hell is wrong with me? And how do I stop doing this?

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    oh man ,keep your mouth shut and just smile at her! hold her and don't comment on how she can improve,just smile and enjoy her company.

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    Just remind her that you are you for a reason. You don't mean to say the things that you do or mean them the way it comes out and that she has to love you for your Little imperfection. Just act silly and loving. I'm sure she knows deep down what your feeling you just have to encourage that feeling.

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