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Why do we sacrifice ourselves?

I was just watching some 9/11 tribute videos to the FDNY and I was wondering why one human will sacrifice his/her life for another regardless of their relationship e.g These fire fighters may not have known anyone in the building yet still willfully went in knowing it could collapse to save lives.

I cant find my answer on any search engine so can anyone help?


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    Rather difficult to answer. It depends on how you are asking the question. If on entirely scientific and logical terms or religious and sentimental terms. I believe that people have that built into them genetically. In saving another, there's a chance you will also save yourself. That means there is more chances for our species to survive.

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    Really, that is sort of a vauge area to try to define, kinda like trying to define why people enjoy being happy. There are an infinate amount of angles as to why people sacrifice themselves. Some people sacrafice themselves for their own selfish gains, sorta like con-artists. They make themselves look like they would do a lot to help knowing it will help build trusts that they can later take advantage of. Some people do it out of moral obligation. They see something bad happening and do something about it because it makes them feel guilty. And others, most likely like those firefighters, do it because they aspire to do good and help others regardless of the cost. Most of it is really a mystery, much like why people do (fill in the blank) anything at all. I would say that most of it has to do with moral oppinions of things and how each individual was raised and what they experienced in life.

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    First it was their job.Next they have alot of pride in what they do,as they should.Firefighters are normally brave,but not stupid.There was no way because of things they thought they knew,that the building would come down no one knew or expected that to happen.So they thought they had time,which they did not as it worked out.It is a very sad thing for so many to have died that way.Hope this helped.

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    Because they're Heros and that's what heros, protectors do.

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