Need good ideas for premixed cocktails I can make?

I am having a Christmas party this Friday. Beer will be supplied, wine too. I am also making lychee martinis (one bottle of vodka to 2 cans of lychee w/ syrup). I will not have a bartender, so I need other simple ideas like the lychee martini. Thanks in advance

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    YUMMMMM ... Cranberry Amaretto Kiss ...

    2 cups cranberry juice cocktail

    1 cup orange-infused vodka

    1/2 cup amaretto

    3 tablespoons fresh orange juice

    The above makes about 8 cocktails - but you can double, triple, whatever you'd like and keep in a pitcher. After pre-mixing, just shake with ice before pouring into a glass, and serve garnished with maraschino cherries.

    This has a beautiful holiday color, too, like the red on a candy cane.

  • Pat C
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    I have a few.Pina Coladas for a crowd:

    1 can of cream of coconut

    1 large can of pineapple juice

    1 can of white rum ( use cream of coconut can as measure)

    Blend rum and the coconut. Add the pineapple juice. Chill

    Margarita mix recipe ( makes 5 gallons ) This recipe is from a woman that used to tend bar at the Texas Roadhouse.

    4 liters of Tequila

    2 liters Triple Sec

    1/4 liter White Cuervo

    82 ounces sweet and sour mix ( DO NOT ADD WATER )

    Mix all together and serve cold over ice

    Orange Dream ( serves 10 )

    In a blender, blend 4 cups ice cubes

    2 cans ( 6 ozs. each ) frozen orange juice concentrate thawed

    1 pt. orange sorbet

    1 pt. vanilla ice cream

    1 cup orange flavored vodka

    1 cup vanilla flavored vodka

    Make 2 batches to serve 20

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    Since your using vodka as the base alcohol I would stick with fake martinis. Buy a mixer from the store like Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon. Now I like my martinis strong so do 1 part vodka to 1 part mixer. My partner and friends like it sweeter so they make it with 1 part vodka to 2 parts mixer. The mixers are like $6 at the store and make a good 8 martinis i believe. hope this helps!

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    Easiest drinks to make are spritzers:

    Champagne spritzer: one part champagne + one part your favorite juice (i love orange or apple juice)


    Malibu spritzers: one part rum + two part pineapple juice + a splash of cranberry juice and seltzer

    These two recipes are cheap, foolproof and incredibly easy. Just buy a bottle of the liquor and buy equal or twice amount of juice. Mix, chill, and serve.

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