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What do you call my friend?

My friend is a nice, good-looking guy and average intelligence. He doesn’t seem to understand hints much and he appears somewhat dense at times. When there’s a movie, for example, “Honey I Shrank the Kids,” my friend thinks that people can really be shrank. Another example, there’s a man dressed in Santa clause at the supermarket; my friend thinks that guy is really Santa clause. He’s naturally like this. I’ve seen him with a few girlfriends, all of whom asked him out. What do you call my friend?


My friend is an adult… he’s not a little kid. Despite what he thinks about Santa clause.

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    Well if he isnt mentally slow and is totally serious, I would call him stupid. But if he is a jokster and likes to get people to believe the crazy things he says then I will say he has a strange sense of humor.

    What do you call your friend????

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    A 7 year old boy.

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    he has a strong belief in santa..

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    He sounds like he may be Autistic.

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    he is under-developed...........i mean who thinks that there's a Santa..............!!!

    i believes he likes his childhood which is gettin' over him!!

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    confused... an young?

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