Verizon Fios Free tv offer?

I live in the Dallas area and while watching tv the other day I saw a commercial for an offer from Verizon Fios that if you signed up for the tv, internet, and home phone you get a free 19" tv. Well we just signed up for that bundle last week and no one said anything to us about a free tv. There was nothing in the commercial that stated only people in the northeast US can get it but the only info online says that only the northeast states can get it and that its been going on since mid-november. So did we get ripped off or was the commercial only meant for people in the northeast US? There is NOTHING about it on the Verizon fios website!

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    That's interesting....did you contact Verizon Fios about the offer?

    You can always CANCEL the INSTALL...

    You know, I THOUGHT I had a special deal too with Verizon.

    And I KNOW I haven't recieved it since July....

    I just can't remember what the deal was....

    And so, THAT's HOW these deals seem to work, you bug them and they MIGHT deliver on the deal....

    But they hope you'll forget about it, so they don't have to deliver on it.

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    Not Ripped off just out of the offer area.

    Im a Verizon employee and here is an exerpt from a promotion page:

    The company began offering a free Sharp Aquos 19-inch LCD HD television set to new FiOS triple-play subscribers in parts of New York, New Jersey, and southern Connecticut on October 15, and is extending the offer to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, and parts of Indiana this week.

    Hope this explains it

    And by the way dont feel too bad i signed up for the same about a month prior to the promotion here in NY and i missed out also!


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    I'm in Florida and Fios just became available to me. I called 2 days ago and ordered it. The first thing the guy said was are you aware of the free tv offer. I was because I had saw it on thier website. I'm getting the TV. I'd try calling back. I've been told they bend over backwards to get and keep fios customers so, threaten leaving or cancelling if they don't offer it.

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    I just checked the site, looked for bundle offers for Texas, and the free Sharp LCD TV for the FiOS bundle showed up. You might want to call Customer Service and confirm you've got one coming.

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    1 decade ago

    Nothing is free. Did they say what the length of contract or cost of the bundling was for the user? Could have been some sub-contractor running the ad trying to get business.

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