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What are some Lower Stress Nursing (RN) Jobs?

Any Rn's out there, what was your favorite job you have had as a nurse, most satisfying? Least Stressful? What would you recommend to a future RN, any advice, 5 Do's and 5 Do nots

things to go for and look out for? Any nursing positions that you could home still have energy for yourself.........

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    home health care. pays good, change of atmosphere, more independent, many companys too choose from, no one hanging over your head and on and on.

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    Most Stressful Nursing Jobs

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    Low Stress Nursing Jobs

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    It is going to be very very VERY unlikely that you will get a job - any job - that would be strictly day shifts with no weekends or holidays. You'd have to be very lucky to find a job like that where they would be willing to hire a new grad. Sorry, but we all pay our dues in that way, and frankly most people who are going into nursing accept that is usually part of most jobs. Take whatever job you can get as a new grad. In many areas of the country right now, new grads are having a hard time getting any job at all. If you can get a job in a hospital working on a regular med/surg unit, this would give you the best start at building a good diverse foundation of your nursing skills, a foundation that you can use to move on to any specialty area or job setting in the future. I recommend all nurses do this for at least 6 months to a year before trying to branch out and specialize or find something new. View it as an extension of your education. You'll be much better off in the long run.

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    One of the more relaxed sects of nursing is Geriatrics. It's very low key, pretty low maintenance. Labor and Delivery is a very satisfying area as well. Oncology is the most rewarding in my opinion, but has a very high burnout rate. The best advice I can give you is to realize how fallible people are. In the nursing profession, most of your job revolves around experiencing people at their very worst, and loving them anyway.

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