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中: 我覺得現在電腦是不可或缺的商品.即使市場的價格戰已經開打,但仍有買氣.因此公司的開發人員應會朝向軟體的創新,提高商品功能及新穎的外觀來滿足消費者的慾望.電子產品是一項發展迅速的產業.消費者只會不斷的購買新商品並淘汰舊的.

英: At present, I think the product of computer is indispensable.

Even though price wars have started in the personal computer

business marketing that still have high popularity. Therefore,

company's developers will tend to creating new software, enhancing

function of product, and newfashioned profile that can satisfy

comsumers's drives. Electronic goods is a fast development industry. Comsumers just keep buying new product, and falling of use old


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    Currenly on the market, I thinkcomputers are indispensable products.

    Even though price wars have started in the personal computer market,

    but it is still a high demanding product.

    Therefore, companys' engineers tend to create new software to enhance

    the function of the product, and new fashioned profile that can satisfy

    consumers's desires. Electronic industries change rapidly.

    Consumers will just keep on buying new product, and throw away the

    old fashioned merchandises.

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    中: 我覺得現在電腦是不可或缺的商品.即使市場的價格戰已經開打,但仍有買氣.因此公司的開發人員應會朝向軟體的創新,提高商品功能及新穎的外觀來滿足消費者的慾望.電子產品是一項發展迅速的產業.消費者只會不斷的購買新商品並淘汰舊的.

    I think computers are indispensable products in this new age of technology.

    Even though the war between computer manufacturers have already been waged before we even realized, computers are still regarded as the most essential products in the 21st century and are in high demand all along. Therefore, company's developers will tend (be under pressure) to create new softwares, enhance various functions of the products, and improve the appearance of the products. All of which would contribute to appealing to the comsumers in general. Industries dealing with electronic products have developed fast and will keep making huge progresses in the years to come. Comsumers will just keep buying newer products and eliminating old one.

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