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I just bought a Hamster and bit me!?

Is there any side effects when you are bitten by a hamster? Blood got out of my skin!

Thanks to anyone.


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    thats what hamsters do until they get used to them. best thing to do is handle them as much as possible. dont worry, put some peroxide on it and a bandaid and you'll be fine.

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    No, it is very rare for you to get any sort of sickness for a hamster bite. Unless of course you didn't clean the wound.

    As you have probably realized by now, hamsters bite. Even if you have the sweetest hamster in the world, that has been handled a lot and used to people, it will probably bite at least once. They do it for many reasons, they're scared, or maybe your hand smelled like food. But don't take it personally, and never try to punish your hamster. Just continue handling it, and eventually it will get used to you and your smell. try giving it a treat whenever you go to hold it, so it will see you holding it as a good thing.

    Read the info on this site, it's good advice for new hamster owners, and I think it will really help you a lot. XD

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    It depends on the size of the hamster, but It's not a bad size for a dwarf hamster, but I wouldn't buy one with wires. You are much better off with an aquarium. Here's why: I'm guessing that you want one as a pet, so you will most probably keep it in your room. You like sleep, right? Rodents ,in general, are nocturnal- they sleep in the day and play at night. So most probably, the little critter will be trying to chew at the metal bars or at the plastic, which can be very irritating when you're trying to sleep. I have two hamsters in two separate cages- one's a teddy bear hamster and the other's a dwarf. The cages are just 10-gallon aquariums each that cost $10. It provides enough space for a hamster and to have a running wheel, food and water containers, and some toys in it without the hamster being cramped up. And if you need a top for the cage, you can simply make on out of UNTREATED wood (of course with holes in it) or get one that's made out of mesh. A few years ago, I got a plastic cage for two of my hamsters that I had at the time. It lasted about 4 months- they chewed right through it! And in the meantime, it was horrible to sleep with all of the scratching and chewing. I payed $30 for the plastic cage that lasted 4 months and I have been using my aquariums for years and they work like a charm. But good luck with your furball! :D

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    You need to give him time to settle in. Give im until tomorrow without bothering him, let him get used to his surrounds, then spend some time by the cage, just talking to him. THen slowly start putting your hand into the cage, but let him approach you, not the other way around. And make sure your hands are washed thoroughly beforhand (and afterwards, of course!) or he may smell residual food on them and take another chomp! You don't need to worry about him carrying anything like rabies or salmonella or anything. The only reason a hamster bite would get infected is if you didn't keep it clean afterwards. You can't really catch anything from a hamster, unless you let him free-roam and your house was infested with other wild rodents.

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    KityKity..that's so funny..hehe.

    You should get use to it though - Hamsters bite. They are very easily perturbed, and will chomp down on your little digits when they're grumpy or scared. This is why I don't like hamsters very much..they're not very social, and don't like to be handled much. It's funny how you need to "knock" before entering if they're sleeping, otherwise they spaz out and attack your hand. Crazy little cute animals!

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    Don't worry, i've been bitten countless times by mine. (I've got 3) and so far i'm fine.:) Your hamster bit you is cuz he/she is scared. Pls give it sometime. If you really wanna bring him/her out to play, don't pounce on them from the top, they'll take it that someone is attacking them and will bite as a defence. I'd usually put/coat some of their own litter on my hand so that they'd smell their own smell on my hands. Slowly open up my hands to let them climb into it rather then to catch them. Hope it helps!

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    Nooo. It is probably just scared and that is a way of denfending itself.

    I wouldnt put your hand in the cage at all (only to feed it or stuff like that) for about 1 week. Let it get used to it's cage and just talk to it. That is the only way for it to get used to you right now, talk to it.

    When a week is up you can start trying to pick her up. Just be very slow and patient. Pet her to, for it to get used to the touching.

    Good Luck

    and Good Day


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    It's hurts a bit but you'll be fine! You just need to earn the trust of your new pet and it won't bit you anymore!

  • i have hamsters :)

    hamsters do not have any sicknesses that are transmited by them biting rabies..ect

    they are said to be some of the most clean animals...

    ,don't get sick often.and are cute..^_^

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    It's perfectly normal, any animal with teeth will bite you.

    You're gonna need to get used to this; you have worse to come. :D

    Source(s): Experienced hamster owner.
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