2 Q's: TE Desmond Clark or TE Vernon Davis? Baltimore DEF or Titans DEF? - Week 15?

Your thoughts? I'm struggling on TE and DEF for week 15...

For TE, I was thinking of playing TE Desmond Clark CHI (v. MIN) or TE Vernon Davis SF (v. CIN)?

For DEF, I can play either Baltimore (v. MIA) or Titans (v. KC)? Both great matchups, but I know that Baltimore just lost McAlister, and Haynesworth is still on injury list for Titans. These are the only 2 decent DEFs on my waiver. Thoughts?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Davis for TE.

    Tennessee def-Smith might not start as he's having issues with his knee as of right now and KC's offense is downright horrible aside from Bowe/Gonzales when the QB isnt running for his life w/their crappy offensive line.

  • 1 decade ago

    ummm... well at TE you should definetly go with vernon davis, they are playing cinci, which means they will be playing from behind, i know i know your probably thinking duh!! but look at the cinci D its pretty messy back in the seconday as with the Vikings D (seconday) is pretty decent.

    D/ST go with Baltimore, the ravens should still pound the dolphins to yet again another defeat, the ravens have nothing to lose so they will blitzing (lots of sacks, n maybe a couple of fumbles) trying to keep the dolphins from winning a game.

    good luck my friend and hopefully you'll win

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