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why can't some people ejculate after masturbating (hand)

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    coz it doesnt stimulate them as much as it does others, its normal, for example blow jobs dont do anything for me, i can never ejaculate from them....!!!people think thats wierd but hey...its just my sexuality!!! maybe there's some stress, uncomfortability or guilt while masturbating.....thats why!!!but i'd stay away from it,masturbation is harmful,people will tell you no its not,its healthy but don't do it,you can easily get addicted to it and once you do, you will start balding and many other things will go wrong within your body not some research!!!

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    It can become a learned behavior it using their hand happens more often than actual intercourse. They may have to re train their libido and reactions to stimulation so that they may enjoy ejaculation during intercourse.

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    there are several reasons:

    1. they are not at that stage of puberty yet

    2. They have already ejaculated soon before

    3. they have a health issue

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    yes please...

    oh there is more.

    If they jacked it and they are dried out then there will be no ejaculate.

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    they're not used to it..

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