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If man is not the main cause of global warming, what then?

If Earth's own workings, solar cycles from our sun or changes within the galaxy are doing this warm-up and we humans are but a dimple on a basketball how do we change the inevitable?

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    You can't, and personally I think that's what is happening. If you look at Earth's past history there have always been both periods of extreme cold and extreme heat. Now man wasn't around then with cars and power stations so how can you explain the global warming that occured throughout history? If you ask me the Governments are just using this as an excuse to put up taxes and ease congestion on the road. They will definitely use the global warming excuse to fleece as much money out of people as possible. As for extinctions of animals, this too has happened throughout history and is likely to keep happening. Maybe our CO2 emissions are not helping the situation but I personally don't think they are the main cause.

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    Try to find out what the purpose and function of a dimple on a baskeball is and get with it.

    It is the hubris of mankind to THINK that he is the focus of, and the reason for, the existance of this earth. He IS NOT.

    The politics surrounding the issue of global waming are driven by one thing, hatred for the success of this country. As long as that idea is not challenged, we will be in a quandry as to what to do about the earth.

    If we ALL shut down today and went back to the cave dwelling day, the earth wouls STILL be the earth. What then?

    the LARGEST target in te sights of the environmentalists is the Internal Combustion engine. Until that device is buried, no peace will exit on the face of this earth-at least not in the western hemiphere.

    The automobile has been the instrument that has given wing to the American spirit. It has spun off a million ideas and a million fortunes in pursuit of our personal destiney, yet the environmental wackos of this planet are hell bent and determined to bury it.

    Personally, I have NO animus toward the IC one way or the other. I use it to get from place to place and I make my living repairing them. I would be JUST as happy working of neutron powered spaceships. But the demise of the IC car will not be the end of the wackos, that will only embrazen them further. They want each of us to go back to the cave.

    I would not be too concerned about global warming. Once you understand that we as a species cannot impact it THAT much, you will be able to move on to other rogue orbiting comets or astroids.

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    live inside buildings where we can easily control the environment.

    Fossil fuels are running out, therefore mans ability to easily create CO2 is also running out. So the process is limited and poses no longterm danger.

    Graying the atmosphere by lofting small particulates is relatively easy, as is creating strong greenhouse gasses like methane. We can set the earths temperature to anything we want with an expenditure of a few billion dollars. The question is, what is the right temperature to set it to, and are you willing to take the consequences if you screw it up?

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    Then we live with it, like everything else that has lived on earth since it all began. Climate changes, living things either move, adapt or die out.

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