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Is George Bush masonic? Is that really a secret society that has existed in this world for centuries?

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    Bush is not a Freemason.

    Freemason is not a secret society.

    The 'modern era' of Freemasonry began in the early 18th century, however there were Freemason Lodges as far back as the 13th century and Masonic Guild Lodges centuries before that (they practiced speculative masonry on the 7th day, and one theory is they became the Freemason Lodges as the need for operative masons lessened).

    to some other responses:

    * since Bush is NOT a mason, you can guess how reliable the rest of that response is

    * freemasonry is not a Clut... Clinton is not a freemason. but yes, all politicians lies :) everyone's a human frailty.

    * only 14 of the US Presidents have been Freemasons, Gord being the last. LB Johnson was an Entered Apprentice but never progressed beyond that and is not counted among the 14.

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    Is George Bush A Mason

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    Being a Free Mason myself, I don't know if President Bush is a Mason or not. We certainly aren't a sinister organization.

    We have some rituals that have been handed down for a long time but that's about all that we keep secret. The rituals aren't depraved or anything like that. There is nothing creepy about the Free Masons.

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    George Bush Freemason

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    Someone said it best on here; George W. Bush is most likely to be in the Moronic group than the Masonic group, but then again, he has friends, & family, in high places. I just don't understand how you can listen to George W, keep a straight face and still say you agree with what he says........ohhhhh! LOL!!! I had no idea it was that difficult to pass the 3rd grade.

    Ok, I'll be serious, I believe every politician, even Bill Clinton, is part of this masonic, skull & bones, group. Of course. There is so much that the government does not want us to know about. All Politicians lie; everyone running for president. They want that vote. We always need to vote for the one we believe is going to bring us, the world, less harm. We always have to hold our breaths throughout their presidency to make sure we made the right decision. It's just a shame that most of us regret our vote because we find out they were lying to begin with. It's not only George W. Bush in this cult, but mostly every man in politics that surrenders to this cult some time in their life time.

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    No George Bush is not a Freemason, infact neither Snr. or Jnr are.

    The last Freemason to sit in the white house was over thirty years ago.

    Freemasonry is not a secret society, if it were it would not be doing a very good job seeing as every Grand Lodge, and many lodges, have websites full of information about what they are, where they are, when they meet and what they do. Most masonic halls are listed in local directories, many are available for hire for functions. Most Grand Lodges give public tours of their buildings, including their temple rooms, which full explinations, I'd recommend the United Grand Lodge of England tour, excellent, and the bloke who does it will answer every question you have, very knowledgeable.

    Freemasonry as we know it, came about in 1717, with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England, which is not the UGLE of today. Prior to this Freemasonry was not organised, but the operative customs were maintained by individual lodges with NO overall governing body, or even a governing body for a country (like we have today)

    Freemasonry now is purely speculative, which means symbolic. To explain, in most countries the colour red is symbolic of danger, or used as a means to let you know you need to pay attention. In Freemasonry they have, among other things, a level (as in a spirit level like you use to put up shelves at home) which symbolically tells a Freemason he should at all times be "on the level" (honest, and not hide things with lies etc) with people, and that's not just other Freemasons, but EVERYBODY.

    You will note, that the little lesson above about being honest is not a lesson unique to Freemasonry, the unique element is it uses the tools and customs of a historic Operative Mason (a person who actually built things) to symbolically represent it's lessons.

    The secret element increases the bond within the fraternity and also adds to the encouragement of it's members to uphold the lessons, ie when a Freemason lies, he is letting the rest of his lodge down.

    Thats about as basic an explination I can give, but please feel free to ask anything else. You can even send a question direction via my answers profile if you wish.

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    George Bush is a member of the Skull and Bones Society. Freemasonry or Masonry really existed for centuries although some people/scholars dispute the year.

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    I ve spent a great deal of time researching this issue. I think it s safe to say that the entire Bush clan is freemasons. Althought their association with freemasonry is not their most sinister affiliation. It s more or less the outer ring of secrecy. Their much more sinister memberships include: Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg group, Illuminati, Amway, CIA, as well as trilateralist and CFR memberships. The list goes on though and is by no means comprehensive... we could also include strong associations with corporate entities such as the Federal Reserve Bank, numerous Wall Street Banking firms, Carlyle Group (which also included family members of Osama Bin Laden), Eli Lilly (pharmaceutical corp), Bayer, GE, Monsanto, Halliburton.... whew still not done yet though... out of breath. In a nutshell, the Bush family is simply one of the most powerful and sinister families in the entire U.S. and even the world. People have absolutely no clue when they simply gaze upon their emmaculate facade.

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    His membership in Skull & Bones is far more troubling than any connection he may have with the Masons. Skull & Bones is an incubator for the children of the rich and powerful to help their families remain in charge. It's worth noting that BOTH Bush and Kerry are Bonesmen.

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    For a secret society they aren't doing too well. They have a huge retirement home clearly printed the Masonic Home a few miles away.

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