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why do you think everyone...?

is naming their kid Aiden or Jayden.

would you say it's cuz of Britney Spears?

correct me if im wrong, but Jayden doesnt have a meaning.

Aiden does though it means "little fire"


Actually i did name my kid after the singer. might sound cheesy but i did. i didnt mean the Britney thing as a bad thing so you dont have to be so mad at that.

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    when my daughter was born 5.5 yrs ago she was going to be named Aidan if she was a boy, after Carrie's boyfriend Aidan from sex and the city cos he was hot!! Tragic I know but I loved the name.

    Back then I knew no-one's children with that name. Same goes for my girlfriend with a 6.5 yr old boy named Jaden.

    But since then the name has just gotten more and more popular and all its derivitives have turned up too.

    Aidan is acutally quite an old name but has grown in popularity in the last 6 years and is reaching a peak this year I think. I don't think it has anything to do with Ms Spears because, really, who on earth would want anything that tied them to her lol!!

    Personally I'm so glad I had a girl and called her Eliza not a boy called Aidan as I really can't stand the name and its derivitives anymore because there are just too damn many of them running around!!

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    When I was there were always a lot of kids called "Kathy" (var. spellings) and "Bobby", so my younger brother and I always went by our full names, "Kathleen" and "Robert." I think the thing with Aiden (Jayden, Braden, Kaden, etc.) or Mikala (McKayla, Makaela, McAyla, etc.) or any other name that is newer and/or unusual amongst white people is connected to the same phenomena that we saw amongst black people starting in the 70's: just wanting our children to have "different" names than the other children. In my family, everyone is named after someone from a previous generation, hence the names Benton, Garland, Eloyce, Imogene, etc.

  • I don't know why....There are so many Jayden's (different spellings for both boys & girls) in my sons classroom. I think the name is so overused.

    I do not think it is because of Britney Spears cause all these kids in my son's classroom are 6 years old.

    I don't know anyone named Aiden.

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    Aiden did get popular fast.

    I know 5 people that JUST had babies within the past year that named their sons/daughters that...

    I also know of a couple of Jaden's, Laden, and Brayden's.

    I don't think it has anything to do with Spears though.

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    I think Britney is a victim of the same trend as everyone else. She's a follower, not a leader.

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    im due any day now and im going to name my son aiden joshua.....i dont know a single person by that name. the first time i heard it was actually on "sex in the city" and ive been in love w/it ever since. but after my mind was set and my baby shower was thrown w/Aiden Joshua on m&ms ive been hearin it all over yahoo answer hower when i told my family the name they were kinda like huh? why was a bit different but they grew into it now.

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    no aiden has been around forever... it was actually in the top 10 most popular baby names about 2 years ago i have amazing kid names picked out... they are very unique, because a name really sets up a person...

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    i don't think it has to do with Britney Spears, i think it's just a fad. When i ws born, Ashley was a popular name. Every class i ever had in school there was at least one other Ashley, in one of my classes there was 6 of us!

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    i think aiden got popular when Sex in the City was still on our screens.... Aiden being one of charectors boyfriends.

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    I think it's just people experimenting with names with specific ending, starting or middle syllables.

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