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DOGS=Omnivores or Carnivores?

last time in PMR trial exam, theres a question like this

which animals are omnivore?





then, i choose dog coz my dogs at the village ate rice, meat, vegetables,egg and even humans poop?hihihi...

then, my teachers said that my answer was wrong. the correct answer should be b)bear coz bear eat fish and also plants... confusing la.... my dog eat banana and fish also what!!!


bean, someone is not happy with my q, so deleted...

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    Create your own answer. The Frog!! is omnivore what!

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    if u are looking at it scientifically then they are carnivores, the shape of their teeth (pointed and sharp) , and the movement of their jaws , restricted to up and down movement only ( for slicing meat ), ... are all clear characteristics of carnivores. However, if all dogs are like mine , then they will eat basically anything , so i guess they are omnivores in that perspective.

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    dog.. is a carnivore.. because they dont have celulose to break down plant material in their body.. thats why they poop on undigested plant.

    bear.. i dont know la u ask teddy the bear..

    tiger is carnivore also..u never see a tiger eating banana pie for breakfast .. :Þ

    rat is oomnivore. i guess.. because they eat everything from piece of paper to sampah .. once theres this lost rat visit our house and live here for like a night.. then the next morning all the food in the kitchen have small bite on it!.. hehehe lol

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    It's proved that dogs are omnivores. They can eat both vegetables and meat. My pet eats durian. Dogs sometimes eat grass too.

    This PMR question should be a bonus question!

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    Strongly support the KnIGht ...

    Same goes for human. Our teeth, our intestine (that's why it is so long) etc are all 'built' for herbivours. So start eating vege and less meat now ...

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    I will make sure I never sit for PMR......

    got totally confused man!

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    ok....great question....let me explain to u.....i had a big fight with my teacher during std 6.....he said that cat is omnivore....actually,cats and dogs are predator which means they are carnivore....their body structure including their teeth(all gigi taring) also proves that they are carnivore....people are confuse because modern cats n dogs can be seen eating veggies and rice.....but it is because they are taught.....u can also teach a tiger to eat rice since its birth.....but it doesn't change the fact that it's a the wild,cats and dogs tends to eat grass.....but that act like a medicine to cure their stomach.....CATS AND DOGS ARE CARNIVORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): i did a one-year research about this just to prove to my teacher....
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    garishalus,ur ans is hilarious..

    dogs cnsider as karnivor la..scientifically bear = omnivors has change la.u see, cat oso can eat mac&cheese.. siot jek.curik aku nye fav food.

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    Why did you put 'what' at the end of a sentence? What does it mean?

    It's d) rat the omnivore one what!!!

  • hahahahahahahah .... maybe the scientist must update their research. I've seen tiger eating Durians too at zoo and my cats also eat Durians.

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