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When you buy christmas gifts for neices,nephews,friends with young kids?

Do you buy your clubs supporter gear for them like T shirts, stuffed toys,junior footy's etc to try and make them follow your team?

I do, I am going south this year for Xmas to visit family and all my neices and nephews will be getting Hawthorn gifts!

It worked for Richo Fev and his footy socks so I hope it works on my neices and nephews

Anyway I'll be offline for a while so Merry Xmas to all and your families enjoy yourselves

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    No, I buy them things from the teams they I have friends that buy my children things from the teams they like though. My kids have a collection of jersey's and things for Swans, West coast, Sth Sydney, Penrith, Parramatta, Sydney FC, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Man United, Socceroos and England and they appreciate them all. I'm sure your family will enjoy and appreciate the gifts!

    Merry Christmas to you also. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

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    What an awesome idea. In the past I have done that. We bought our one granddaughter a picture frame with her favourite team on it. She loved it. What an awesome way to encourage kids to sports. Merry Christmas!!

    EDIT: I like what Andygurl said. Those kids are so lucky to have an amazing collection.

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    No, not on my nephews and neices i just try to brainwash them by telling them how good the team is. The parents get the first shot but there's always a chance you can get them to follow your team if they are performing better than the team the parents follow, or, if they're cousins follow another team.

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    I got my nephew a T Shirt that says "Future Brumby"

    If he keeps playing well, he might just become an ACT Brumby.

    Any AFL stuff would be no good for him, as he doesn't even know who Chris Judd is.

    Are there AFL shirts available with Future - Saint, Swan, Blue, Tiger etc?

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    He good thing about being a Richmond fan is that its easy to convert your kids/nieces/ LOVE Tigers! Get this my brother is a Cats fan, they won the Flag and are the best team in the land. His 8 year old daughter has to wear footy colours to school, and who does she choose? Tigers. Laugh, I nearly wet myself, daddy was not happy!

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    I'd like to but it's hard to find AFL merchandise during the Summer season.

    They sell them for peanuts when the season finishes.

    Maybe I should stock up

    LMAO!!! I'm picturing you typing with one

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    YA never know it may work,and i'll tell you this we've got our first bubs on the way and it will be getting a carlton jumper,socks,beanie etc and i bet any money its a blues supporter.............or its out the door :) LOL

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    Nah, they just want money.

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    great idea, except the kids parents would probably throw the black and white gear out since they are all non-Collingwood supporters....LOL

    Have a great Xmas campdog and all the best for the New Year...take care and happy holidays!!


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