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Assi El Helani or Ragheb Alameh?

Choose only 1 singer.


can u plz include why too


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    And as long ya hasafer you expressed your hatred to assi al hellani, (even the question was this or that), I will say that you hate him simply because you are not Lebanese. Most of Assi songs are from the heart of Lebanese folklore ie Howara. If you are a true Lebanese guy you wont hate Assi.

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    Assi i cant stand Ragheb,and im Lebanese!

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    yeslamle rabo la Assi al 7ilani

    wo yekhreb bayto shu bekraho la rageb alameh

    assi love lebanon and support lebanese people

    bas rageb always run away from us yuk ugly ..

    >>>>>>>>>>>>wo Bhibak ya Lebnen ya watani<<<<<

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    Ok: Assi, but only his songs, not him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ragheb , i hate assi

  • 1 decade ago

    hmmm idk, my dad said ragheb is a really nice guy and iheard that assi is a jerk looool

    hmmmmmmmmmmm idk i like some of each ones songs, sometimes i like assi a lil more

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