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Are you a part time (RN) registered nurse? Do you enjoy it, what are the hours like? and?

Do you feel you have some control over when your work. Can you take time off for family and your self....What is an example of your schedule or is it totally different based on their need for you....I would love to become and RN but i don't want to lose the freedom i have now of being able to take a few days off for self discovery and family.....But i really believe in People Helping People as a way of would be a joy, just as long as im not exhausted and consumed by my schedule, you know.....If you have any Honest Advice you could really help a 23 year old strong-good hearted American Man find his true path......God Bless......Happy Holidays

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    Nursing is a great field for flexible work hours. Most hospitals require that you work a certain number of weekend and holiday shifts. There are also agency and PRN jobs. The greatest thing with a nursing career is the vast amount of types of jobs and the need for new nurses.

    Good Luck.

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