What is blue screen error or screen of death and what are the causes for this error.?

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    The Blue screen of death is a message produced by your computer when it hits an error from which it cannot recover. If something happens on your system that causes windows to cease functioning, the B.S.O.D is displayed as a last ditch attempt to give you info on the error so that technicians like myself can best advise you on resolution of the issue.

    As for the causes of the blue screen of death... how long have you got? Best guesses estimate there are well over 100,000,000 different reasons (including all variations of all drivers). The main problems are:

    Software / operating system corruption (when Windows or a piece of software is broken beyond working ability) - Driver conflicts (when a Driver file - a piece of software that allows windows to "talk" with things like your wireless card goes wrong or argues with windows or whatever and they end up tieing themselves in knots) - Occasional viruses - Missing files - Millions of others.


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    Ah, the blue screen of death. The ol' bastard. It is a blue screen, sometimes it has error codes on it, sometimes it's static, sometimes it flashes for a second and sends the computer into a cycle of boot and unable to boot that creates a strobe effect. It means something is seriously wrong with either your operating system or your hardware. If you have the error code, you might be able to find an answer online. If not, u need more help than you'll find here. It'll probly have to see a computer tech.

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    The blue screen of death indicates a Windows crash, it appears when Windows dumps the memory (RAM). It can be caused by a huge number of things including: Viruses, Hardware issues, overheating, etc, etc, etc.

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    Your plug-in!!!!

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