is it normal for my 10month old to cry out in her sleep?

When she cries out it isnt painful she just does a whine and its over with but sometimes it happens quite often through the night. This week she woke up screaming. I think it was a nightmare but does it have anything to do with her nightly cries?

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    I saw my health visitor. It is perfectly normal-just like we talk in our sleep. My 10 month old is the same. He also says mama and baba and tries to climb the cot sides in his sleep. Its cute though cos his little arms are climbing and his legs stay asleep. His dad and i both walk and talk in our sleep so its normal.

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    If it's a normal whimper I would think it to be normal. A 10 month old's brain is still forming/developing- lots is going on!!! If it's a blood curdling scream like she is dying, then maybe I would ask the doctor whats up. Other than that, I wouldn't listen much to what people say on here- we aren't her doctor. You know your baby best though.

    Maybe your baby will grow into a nice young lady and be one of those peoples that has conversations in the sleep. Haha an ex of mine always talked about shopping or playing basketball for some reason in his sleep. Thought I'd share that useless info with you.

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    Yes its normal.

    Sleep with her.

    she might be hungry or nightmare.

    Source(s): 12 month baby.
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