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goats milk for babies instead of cows milk anyone done this? and on what recommendation?

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    Go to this website and do a search on goats milk. They have a lot of great nutritional information that doesn't necessarily agree with the medical advice in the US. If you e-mail them they will give you any references that aren't already listed on their website.

    I know in many countries other than the US there are goats milk based formula's. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any on the web or I would have bought it.

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    I remember my little brother had to have goats milk when he was younger.

    He was born with a hole in his lung, and following that had asthma and bouts of bronchitis.

    The pediatrician recommended trying goats milk instead of whole milk and it worked wonders, Was even able to stop the daily nebulizer treatments eventually.

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    the lady i work with was raised in india and has lived here for the past 30 or so years. she says they feed goat's milk to their children all the time there and that it is in fact recommended. apparently it strengthens their immune system. i will be giving my child human milk though lol

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    my mother-in-law had to do this for my husband when he was born. He developed an allergy to cows milk and she started giving him goats milk.

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    Yes same conditions happend with me and my daughter.

    We prefer goat.

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    I had to as a baby I was 29 now.

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