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What's going on with this guy? [Simple read]?

Okay, so there's this guy, and... well, it seems like he likes me. He's in my class, and right when I come in, he always talks to me. He sits in front of me, and usually turns around to talk. After break, I was walking to class, and he came up from behind me to walk with me there. Also, he goes out of his way to talk to me after school when we're waiting for our rides. He stays to talk to me when I'm taking a test at break when he could clearly go to a different class. He also showed me to his friends. Anyways, I am just wondering if it sounds like he likes me, and if he does, why hasn't he asked me for my number or anything (LOL). I don't know if I'm giving the right vibes back but I think I am. Please don't suggest giving my number to him or telling him I like him. I'm just wondering if things will ever progress or if he will just give up on me.... I don't know.

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    You need to send him vibes letting him know. I don't know why you said to not suggest telling him you like him, because that is really the best thing to do. However, you do not have to straight tell him, but at least send signals letting him know you like that he has interest. Many guys (like me) will only initiate until the girl gives the signals that lets us know we can further initiate.

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    question is do u like him? if so are u waiting for him to do all the work? do u ever show that u appreciate the attention? have u ever said 'lets go out for a pizza or to a game or to the mall...(whatever) even if not just the two of u but in a group of friends.

    remember that its not one-sided. u dont have to be (and will never be) 100% sure of anything, but if u are not willing to make a move he may decide u are not interested and move on

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    You probably need to send this guy smoke signals cause he may be too shy to ask you for your number or maybe he thinks you're taken. Who picks you up a guy? If it is a guy this may be your problem, he doesn't want to give you the wrong impression of himself (by coming on to you). You don't have to ask him out but why don't you ask him what he does in his free time and suggest maybe the two of you could get together? Sounds simple to me. Good luck!

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    Just because he talks with you doesn't mean he wants to date or have a relationship with you. Yes he probably does LIKE you but that's as far as it is going to go. He COULD have a girlfriend (or boyfriend or even be married) TALKING to someone doesn't make a committied relationship.

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    he likes because he talks to you a lot and is comfortable

    but for a friend? or girlfriend?

    Wait and see. Perhaps he will invite you to school play or prom - then you'll know for sure.

    Joy to you!

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