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What could cause my Windows XP box to suddenly start missing keystrokes despite replacing the keyboard?


Unless I'm running my MMORPG type programs or any of my research (neural networks), my CPU load averages less than 10%.

Update 2:


It also occurs to me... how the heck did you notice me posting something over in this area so quickly?

Are you stalking me? :P

Update 3:


I sent it off for repairs because of the dropped keystrokes (amongst other problems not quite so critical). The keyboard module was completely replaced.

Update 4:

Er, the module was replaced but the problem remains.

Update 5:

Oh yeah... forgot about that whole 'contact' thing

And now that you mention the touch pad thing, I do think I recently updated that driver... crap.

Update 6:

ACID! I love you man, I love you most seriously!

That was the first link in the post you sent.

When I sent off my laptop, I also had to order a new power supply (the thing got so hot it cracked) and a new battery.

I just popped out the battery and I haven't dropped a keystroke since and I'm typing at my full typing speed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

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    Wow, um, in 10 years as a corporate admin I've never encountered that. The only thing I can think of is your CPU load is so high that the keyboard buffer is failing to store keystrokes.

    Or maybe a humorous new virus, but I don't think so.

    Source(s): Is it a desktop? edit: yes, I am. OR I see questions posted by my contacts in my profile :) Ah, notebook. I've done a quick search on the net and it could be any number of things: A quick summary: - try updating the notebook BIOS - try updating the notebook touchpad drivers - if it is a Sony you are boned.
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