Someone in the military as a career?

Have you been in the military, if so what branch, and would you suggest it as a career option?

Also, what were the average salary ranges of those in your division?

Does the training you had in the military carry over into your regular life?

If you were to choose between college or military which would you have chosen?

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    No, but I'll share what I know:

    My dad was in the Navy from 1974-1979... he left because it wasn't the kind of lifestyle he felt was conducive to raising a family - he was out to sea a good portion of that time.

    When he got out of the Navy, he worked construction and then got an associates degree and went into computers... he's a network administrator right now making decent money.

    In 1994 he got a little depressed when he realized he could be retired if he'd stayed in (20 and out). It's been 13 more years since then, and he's still working - with retirement not likely for another decade or more. He's 54 now.

    In retrospect, I'm sure he sees the benefits of what life might have been like had he stayed in. But we have a tendancy to romanticise the things we imagine.

    The salary is not as high as you would get compared to going to college and getting a job, but the benefits are tremendous. The training carries over 100%. The leadership and teamwork skills you learn in the military are exactly what employers want in an employee. Also, you don't have to choose between college and military - the military will pay for your college. Do both!

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    well just saying about collage if u want to join the marines (which is what I'm do in) u can go to a navy collage and after that they send out but you are ranked officer

    Source(s): ive looked up some stuff
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    what career yang bnyk peluang pd masa skrng

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