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i couldn't move?

one day i woke up after sleeping on the floor at my friends house. i began to move my arms to lift my body up like a regular hopping off the floor, but my body was stiff and i couldn't move. i could only turn my head and wiggle my fingers. i yelled for my friend to help me but no one came. i lay there panicking for about 5 minutes while my relaxed body stayed still. I suddenly felt wave of feeling flow throughout my body and i could move my arms. I lifted myself up but my legs felt so weak that when i tried to stand, my knees bent. i sat on the bed until i felt strong enough to stand up. i told my friend what happened and the rest of the day i felt normal. this has never happened to me before or again. wtf?

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    When you're sleeping and dreaming your body gets paralyzed so you don't flail about too much, and sometimes people sort of wake up while still in this state and it's rather frightening and people panic, but eventually it wears off. No big deal. A lot of religious people are religious because of weird dreams leading up to this lucid paralyzed state in which it sometimes seems dreams have become real, but it happens to almost everyone and it's no big deal.

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    My first thought on what this was is that maybe you pinched a nerve while you were sleeping, or you cut off circulation (just as you would when your arm or foot falls asleep). My second thought is that there may be something going on with your brain function. In any case - although you feel normal now - you really, REALLY should go see a doctor - a Neurologist to be specific. You could be dealing with something very serious and it's always better to be safe than sorry. What if it happens again and you DON'T get better? What if you are all alone and it doesn't stop - you have no way of getting help. I am sorry if I freaked you out - I really hope you consider seeing someone about it. Take care and good luck.

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    Sleep paralysis while asleep is a normal condition. The body secretes hormones to suppress muscle activity so that you don't act out your dreams. The process of waking up may seem simple, but a lot of things are going on in your body. One of these is the reversal of the muscle paralysis, and sometimes the hormone has not worn off by the time you wake up and you remain paralyzed but awake. This can be very disconcerting, but as you found out, the effect shortly wears off and everything is fine.

    This episode may have been triggered by fatigue. Paralysis upon awaking seems to happen more often when one has changed their daily routine radically, such as being on vacation, moving or changing to a different shift on their job.

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    it does happen to me when I sleep on the floor, or on a wierd position. But not as long as 5 mins ..well i'm not sure cuz i do not time it. I just relax and let the blood flow.

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    my husband has described something similar like that. It's likely to happen again especially if you are under stress.

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