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lvl 20 mage, missing spells? WoW?

I looked up my new spells on and found that i was missing a bunch of spells. i know for sure that i can afford them all, i have plenty of gold. here's the page :

so do i need to go to diff trainers in order to get diff spells?


i'm not missing just teleporting ones, i'm missing polymorph, blizzard, blink, etc..

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    By missing spells, if you mean they are missing from your action bar you need to drag spells there from your spellbook. The spellbook is located next to your character picture on the bottom toolbar. Everything you learn is located there.

    If you believe you havent learned them yet, I would go to a major city and vist the Mage Trainer there. You can ask any of the guards for the location of Mage trainer in the city and that will put a flag on your minimap to get to.

    You can visit the class trainers every even level (20, 22, 24...) for new spells.

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    Your teleport spells require you to go to a trainer in the respective city. If, for example, you want the Teleport: Ironforge spell, you need to see a "Portal Trainer" in Ironforge (different from your mage trainer)... Also, You can only get teleport and portal spells for your own faction, so if you're Alliance, don't expect to get the horde teleport spells and vice versa

    Normally the portal trainers are right near to the mage trainers, in Darnassus though, the portal trainer is in the Temple of the Moon... I've never leveled a horde mage so I can't help you there, check (better than thottbot in my opinion)

    EDIT: Ok, judging by what you're telling me, the only thing I can think is that you're still seeing the mage trainers in the starter zones, go to a mage trainer in a main city, they will have all the spells you need. You're missing some very major spells there...

    Source(s): Myself and my Level 70 Mage experience
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    Mages have many instantaneous spell casts, what the different guy mentioned. yet mages are surely nicely worth enjoying. I at present play a frost mage, very relaxing and useful, its no longer in basic terms instantaneous casts that are good, there are additionally many mixtures that could deal a lot of harm =D.

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    Also some spells are only available if you have the talent points allocated to them. If you don't have a talent point in it like Pyroblast, you can't get the upgrades.

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