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painful sex?

Have any other women ever not had sex for a while, and when you do the friction of it starts to hurt and burn just outside your vagina? Not an unbearable pain, but enough to get you to stop having sex... I was most definitely in the mood, no problem with my personal moisture... and the condom started out with enough lubrication. But after a few minutes, when one position wasn't working out and we changed positions, it started to burn. We hadn't had sex in a while because I had a bladder infection and before that it was breakthru bleeding ( i am on birth control )... and I am finally back to normal and I just want to have sex with my boyfriend like we used to! Please tell me that more of you have experienced this... and if so, how did you overcome it? Its getting really frustrating!



They're the same condoms we always use.


My bladder infection is not a factor anymore.

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    This same thing(friction pain) just happened to me about 2 weeks ago, and there was no way to help stop the just have to get back into it, that's all....

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    If you’re experiencing pain during or after sex there may be several factors that are contributing to the pain you feel.

    For women there are a number of physical conditions that may make sex hurt, including:

    * Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    * Endometriosis

    * Ovarian cysts

    * Interstitial cystitis

    * Vaginismus

    * Vulvodynia

    * Some sexually transmitted diseases

    * Urinary infections

    * Vaginal dryness

    * Physical injury and chronic pain

    I would recommend that if you experience pain during or after sex that you consult with your doctor/gynaecologist to rule out any serious causes.

    Good luck :)

    Source(s): I have experienced pain with sex due to endometriosis and ovarian cysts.
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    i had bladder infections constantly...i had to quit having sex for like 3 months just so i wouldent get another. and sometimes yes it does burn...sometimes it doesent. take the good and the bad. do not force yourself--stop when it starts to burn. and after if it still does a warm washcloth feels great

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    Even though your personal lubrication seems fine, I would just go out and get some lube. I remember it used to be like that, and it still does every now and then. The more, the merrier and better it feels :-).

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    your using a lubricant with condom ? could it be that the lub is dissolving the condom and its causing the irritant.Wash real good to make sure no residue is left on each other and try having intercourse with out condom see if it happens again.

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    awww sorry 2 hear that mayb its the condom..

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    It will goout gradually with time

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