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Interpret Please? For some reason, this dream really affected me, but I don't know why.?

I am in what feel like our campus cafeteria, but it is not. It is a cafeteria that is three floors and very dim, almost dark lighting. There are no people at all, and I never actually see the food, but I know I got food, and I go sit down. All of my friends keep walking by me, and I feel like I am in a bubble where I can see out, but they can't see me. I feel sad, alone, and isolated. Then, my older brother appears and we are suddenly outside at a carnival. I walk up to the line to get on the ride, and realize my brother is not with me. So, I go to look for him, but as soon as I leave the ride, no one is there. It now looks like a ghost town. I walk a little further and look over this hill and realize that there is another carnival that I can't get to and my brother's there. I woke up at this point.

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    Crazy dream bro woa but ull get over it after another dream trust me happenst to me all the time so just take some warm milk chocolate milk and think it over and then ull fall asleep man

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    I don't have time to go into your dream thoroughly, but here are a few quick thoughts. Obviously, something is making you feel isolated, perhaps school, perhaps food, perhaps the social atmosphere I can imagine the school cafeteria to be like. These are symbols from your mind however, and only you can fully understand what they represent.

    It has been said that all symbols in a dream represent a part of you. If that's so, then what part of you would the cafeteria be? Why does it put a barrier between you and your friends. Does anything come to mind when you think of a rather dimly lit, three-story interior space? Maybe you feel empty inside. Maybe that emptiness keeps you from connecting with your friends and makes you invisible to them. I get the image of feeling very small in this part of your dream.

    But then your brother arrives and suddenly life is a carnival! What part of you could your brother represent? A part that is protective? Maybe the part that knows how to enjoy life. But when you go to get on that ride, you realize that something, or someone, some part of you is missing. What is missing from your life? And then you are isolated and can't connect with the world again.

    A simple explanation of the dream could be that you feel cut off from your family while at school, which makes you feel alone. That lonliness in turn makes it even harder for you to connect with your friends and family. It's a viscious circle. Dreams can have many layers though, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are deeper meanings than just that.

    I encourage you to list out the symbols in the dream and then write what possible associations you might have with each. Something will most likely rise to the surface long enough for you to examine it and gain some insight.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

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    The overriding feeling I get from your dreams here is one of disconnection. You float through different spaces and don't interaction with the people around you. Take a look at your waking hours. Is this reflected during that time as well? I would look at what is making you feel isolated and why you feel you cannot reach out to people or why they don't seem to be there when you turn to them. Your answer most likely lies there.

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    So your college buddies can't substitute your older brother whose presence made you feel like you were on a theme park, the thing is he's doing other stuff that you can't be a part of now?

    Looks like you wish your buddies and you were as close as you were with your brother or that you feel that as close as they might be, it's not as fun as it was with him.

    Give your brother a call and ask him if he misses you, no one has to take his place, live changes for everyone and in due time you'll be doing what he's doing now and you will see why he can't be with you so much. In the meantime, call him.

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    i have crazy dreams like that too is AMAZING at figuring that stuff out

    you can type in key words like "carnival" and "brother" and it will interpret that, OR you can sign up and write down your entire dream on the forum and other (legit) dream interpreters will tell you what it all means

    its a great site, you should deifnitly check it out

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    similar to the sense of being alone, this represents a sense of how you experienced not being wanted when you were young...this may not be exactly how it was but our feelings give us that perception.

    this may mean that you are looking for freedom. this could be emotional freedom, or the freedom to be ourselves

    dreaming of being alone highlights being single, isolated, or lonely. more positively, it represents the need for independence. loneliness can be experienced as a negative state, whereas being alone can be very positive.

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    it means you owe money but you can't pay and your brother seems like is going to help you pay but at the end he chickens out because he's going to use it for somthin' else, so again you're back to point 1. there you go now you owe me a fee too.

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    you feel isolated. your brother is your protector.

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