Tell me 2 good things you like about where you live and 2 bad things?

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    its green and safe there the likes and traffic in the main street limited large shopping stores are the dislikes

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    1..I live in one of the most peaceful places in the planet, in a small and very democratic country, that is a great green prairie and have wonderful beaches on Atlantic Ocean shores.

    2..Pple is amazingly friendly , kind, and love foreigners. .Many european are moving to live here in the last years, bcoz of that.


    1..As any other 3rd world country, the opportunities for young pple arent as much good, and sometimes the most intelligent and with universitary degrees have to emigrate to get a better future.

    2..As a small country without oil or any other resources, the only incomes are from the cattle ( exporting meat) and tourism. But is not enough.

    The economy is getting better, but still isnt brilliant.

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    Positive side:

    Behind us is a park, to the left is a retirement home, the right has quiet elderly residents, definitely a plus, very quiet... At the bottom of the road is the local police along with the swat team so the area is very safe.

    Down side:

    Traffic... Never seems to let up

    I think I am the only English person left in the neighbourhood and I feel like a foreigner in my own town.

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    In Lebanon:

    Good things:

    1-I like the whole life cycle in Lebanon it encourages u to live & go on and enjoy ur time no matter what situation ur in.

    2-I like how ppl come together & communicate with each other even if u dont know each other.

    Bad things:

    1-I hate how Politcs has a big influence towards the Lebanese,they drag them with them!!

    2-I hate how we dont have electricity metel el 3alem wa bashar lol

    Btw i liked Aussie's answer,its so true!

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    Good Things:

    We have the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms which protects all people of all walks of life

    We are a peaceful people, laid back, and friendly.

    Bad Things:

    We along with 3 other countries denied the rights of the native peoples in the UN.

    The winter here gets sooo cold and the summer now gets sooo hot, and we are not doing enough to stop global warming.


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    First the good ...

    1..We have one of the most stable, easy going lifestyles on the planet with great opportunities for those prepared to work.

    2..Our country is so large that you are able to choose an area with a climate to suit...from tropical to sub tropical ...temperate to cooler climate .


    1..Though we are close to Asia , we are a long way from Europe , the Middle East & the American Continent.

    2...Because of the above distances, time zone differences also are an issue as far as communication is concerned .

    edit....Nadia...please don't encourage them ! Pleeeease !

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    UAE as a whole and Abu Dhabi City:

    I like:

    1-As the wealthiest Emirate, Abu Dhabi is also considered the richest city in the world.

    2-the city has wide grid-pattern roads, and high-density tower blocks.

    I hate that:

    1- UAE is the fattest country in the world.

    2- More than 40% have diabetes.

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    Bad things:-

    1) Corrupted government;

    2) Biased government;

    3) Petrol prices keeps going up;

    Good things:-

    1) Can't think of any;

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    The good things would be; 1) Close to shopping and bus. 2) Close to family. Two bad things; 1) I have no storage space 2) Close to family.

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    The parks and roads where I jog are beautiful, the bad things are its over a half hour drive to work and most of my friends live in LA (where I work)

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    good things:

    1) city is so big there is alot of things and so many people

    2) thats it


    1) polluted

    2) traffic, plus u drive an hour just to leave ur neighborhood

    3) crime rates are crazy

    4) gas prices are sky rocketing

    5) not much scenery, its ugly

    6) there is no like BIG THING like tourist thing here, after awhile u just get bored here

    7) we are one of the most obese people in america (thank god i dont contribute lol)

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