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Lean or bulky muscle burn more calories?

wondering which muscle burn more calories? lean or bulky?

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    lean muscles requires more Kcal then adipose tissues.

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    Building muscle burns fat. If you are built lean already, build for size and strength, you will probably not ever get real bulky but you will look bigger than now. If you are trying to burn fat, I would still build for size, you will gain muscle and burn the fat. Eat right, healthy and often to speed metabolism. Good luck.

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    ALL energy burned, no remember if basically from being alive, on an universal basis activites or workout. in case you consume at a 500 calorie deficit on a daily basis, you may lose approx 1lb of fat a week. Doing fewer reps with heavier weights will build lean muscle, doing greater reps with much less weight will do f*ck all.

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    what lean or bulky? Lean refers to not having fat, but muscles don't have fat, fat is a different substance. the larger the muscle the more calories needed to sustain it.

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    bulky muscle

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